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Pure wand

Contoured probe by Njoy

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G-spot Overload

If g-spot stimulation is what you're looking for, the Pure Wand delivers in spades. One of those rare toys that everyone should have.
G-spot homing device
Amazing orgasms
Beautifully-polished stainless steel
Can be too intense
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extremely useful review


I've had no luck with g-spot toys. The dildos never seem to have enough curve to reach it, the vibrators aren't long enough to really thrust with, and everything I get just made me more frustrated. I knew that I had a g-spot- in the right position, I could hit it with my fingers- but it seemed like every toy on the market was designed for a person who wasn't me.

Then I met the Pure Wand, and discovered that not only am I capable of g-spot orgasm, but also of squirting.

After using it, I can testify that the Pure Wand is engineering at its best. Sleek, sensual, simple, and incredibly effective, nothing else even comes close.
    • Solo
    • Temperature play

Material / Texture

The Njoy Pure Wand is 316 grade stainless steel, and that it's made to last a lifetime is obvious from the second you pick it up. It has a mirror finish that I can actually see myself in and the kind of silkiness that means I find myself playing with it outside of the bedroom. The Njoy logo itself is textured, but I've never made it that far on the wand with insertion and don't think I ever will.

Steel retains temperature amazingly well. It's fall here, and whenever I pick the wand up, it's freezing cold. For me this is a positive, but if you dislike cold combined with your genitals, run the Pure Wand under warm water before use. It holds onto heat just as well as it does cold, staying at the desired temperature far longer than glass.

Steel is an unforgiving material. It's easy to bruise yourself with if you aren't careful. For me, I only use the Pure Wand when aroused, and even then carefully. Pay attention to your body when using this one, and don't make the mistake of trying to force it.
    • Not porous at all
    • Rigid
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

Clocking in at 1 1/2 pounds (often misreported as 3, because Eden includes packaging on the weight for Njoy's product line), the Pure Wand is a solid steel beauty, and design is where it excels.

What makes the Pure Wand different from other toys on the market are two things: the shape, and the weight.

The shape is interesting enough in and of itself. The smooth taper along the shaft and the 1/2 inch difference in diameter between the heads means that each end of the Pure Wand offers a different experience. The C-shape makes it easier to use than any other dildo I've encountered-- instead of having to prop my hips up on pillows and contort into odd positions to try and get the right angle on it, I can just lay back and relax. The curve of the wand means that the end not inserted curves up over my clitoris, making it easy to get a handle on and easy to keep in place.

The weight is what made me wait as long as I did to get this toy, and after using it, I regret that I held back for so long. A pound and a half of steel is intimidating. It is heavy, and it is tiring after using it for too long. I have to take breaks in the middle so that my arm can get a bit of rest.

What the weight does for the toy, though, makes all of the downsides worth it.

Because of the weight, the Pure Wand feels like it has a magnet drawing it straight to your g-spot. The heavier 1.5 inch end slides right into place, nestling against your g-spot with absolutely no effort. For the thinner 1 inch end, if you just let go of the handle once it's inserted, the counterweight will draw the inserted end right up against your g-spot.

It's amazing, and I really can't get enough of it.
    • Discreet look/design
    • Ergonomic


Oh. My. God.

Before the Pure Wand, I'd managed one g-spot orgasm in my life. I looked back on it as a lucky fluke, and wistfully hoped that one day I'd be able to repeat it.

Toy after toy, though, made me slowly start to feel that it was an impossible goal.

Then I met the Pure Wand.

I know that by this point I sound like one of those infomercials they show late at night, where you can make five thousand a month for no effort and everything is gravy and magical light if you just call this number.

Honestly, though? That's how I feel.

The first time I used the Pure Wand, I had a g-spot orgasm. Not only that-- for the first time in my life, I squirted.

And it wasn't a fluke. Every time I use the Pure Wand, I end up with soaked sheets, shaking hands, and the inability to construct a logical sentence for twenty minutes afterward.

The two ends offer two distinctly different sensations. The smaller head curls up against your g-spot and presses sharp and firm with plenty of pinpoint stimulation. For me, it's too much. I ended up preferring the larger end. It's more filling, and rocking it back and forth is like having a battering ram of steel against my g-spot.

The only thing that I don't like about the Pure Wand is that it's too intense to use right off the bat. For me, I have to prepare for it first. I need plenty of clitoral stimulation before I can insert the Pure Wand without the g-spot stimulation being more uncomfortable than pleasurable.
    • Powerful

Care and Maintenance

The Pure Wand is steel! This makes it incredibly easy to take care of. For me, I just wash it down with warm water and soap after use, while being careful to not drop it in the sink.

If you share toys with others, the Pure Wand is sterilizable. You can boil it, stick it in the dishwasher, use a 10% bleach solution, or stick it in an autoclave.

The only thing that you can't do is use harsh abrasives with it, because then you chance ruining the pretty surface. Outside of taking it to a blacksmith, though, I can't see managing to destroy this toy.

For me, I keep it on my nightstand. This is because it's shiny, and pretty, and it makes me come my head off. If for some crazy reason you don't want this within fingertip reach, I suggest the box that it came in. It's gorgeous, and it'll keep the Pure Wand from battering your other toys and smashing them into shiny bits with its awesomeness.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


I've gotten a few luxury toys- Lelo, Je Joue, etc.

I've never been as impressed by packaging as I am by Njoy.

The box that it comes in is frankly gorgeous, and the hot pink silk lining sets off the stainless steel perfectly. It's basic, but sturdy, and I can see this one lasting for a long time.
    • Good for storage

Personal comments

If I had to give away my entire toybox but for one, this would be the one I'd keep. Yes, I love it that much. There are other vibrators, other cuffs, other dildos, but the Pure Wand? It's irreplaceable.


Squirting went from a genre of porn that I've never been very interested in to a regular part of my life. I think the Pure Wand might be made of magic. Magic and orgasms. Magic orgasms.
Follow-up commentary
After about two months of regular use, the Pure Wand is still the most reached for toy in my toybox. Other dildos just can't compare. It's gorgeous, sleek, easy to clean, and results in fantastic orgasms. I combine it with my Hitachi Magic Wand for the kind of orgasms that epic poems are written about.

The only downside I'm seeing is that with this as my standard, nothing else on the market measures up!
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