Legendary for a reason.

The Njoy Pure Wand has a reputation that precedes it, and I feel like it has lived up to (and fully exceeded) my expectations with its ingenious design and exceptional material. While it has a learning curve and a higher price tag, I feel it is worth the investment of both time and money.
Hygienic, Durable, Well-designed, Targets G- or P-spot effectively, Versatile
Expensive, Learning curve
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The Njoy Pure Wand is a toy of many uses, as many can attest to. Ranging from anal or vaginal use, to carefully massaging sore muscles, to self-defense in a home invasion, this curvy, hefty, and shiny toy can amaze you in a number of ways... If used carefully and judiciously.

1. Start off with your Njoy Pure Wand, cleaned and ready to go. If you wish to warm it, submerging in tolerably warm water for a few minutes will give it lasting warmth. If you wish to cool it, submerging it in cold or icy water is best; do not put it in the freezer, as that is not safe. (I can imagine mucous membranes don't take well to frigid metal, as seen in cases of tongue-on-metal-post in the winter time.)

2. Next, prepare yourself for your play session. Apply adequate lubrication for your purposes. I've found that with stainless steel like that of the Pure Wand, I only need minimal lube. Still, be sure to err on the side of more, as comfort and safety are important.

3. Time to play! Because it is made of unrelenting stainless steel, any accommodation will have to be done by the user, not the toy. Therefore, especially in anal use, slow and steady warm-up is necessary. This toy is angled nicely to hit the sensitive G- or P-spots, so it should guide itself nicely towards these areas once inserted. Since this toy has a smaller (1") ball and a larger (1.5") ball, it even provides its own warm-up, so you can move from one end to the other. I've found that while the larger ball provides an excellent sensation of rectal fullness (akin to its relatives, the Pure Plugs), the smaller ball has more concentrated force... And the larger ball makes for a comfortable handle!

4. Be sure to use gentle motion, as this toy is very hard and can injure you if you are not careful.

5. Once you are finished, the Pure Wand cleans up easily with soapy water. Dry with a soft cloth, and never use abrasive cleaners. Further cleaning instructions can be found below.

6. Storage is a snap with the lovely box that is included with the Pure Wand. Just place it inside and it will nestle into place, waiting safely for the next time you summon it.
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    • Everyone
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    • Temperature play
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    • Anywhere
    • Tub/shower/pool
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    • Anal
    • G-spot
    • P-spot

Material / Texture

The Njoy Pure Wand is made of 316 stainless steel, a high quality material that is non-porous, body-safe, highly resistant to corrosion and tarnishing, and is also very pretty. The first thing I noticed about the toy was its lustrous, mirror-like texture. This is not just visually appealing, but very insertion-friendly, as it is sleek and smooth and slippery with minimal lubrication. While a perfectly-smooth surface might seem like something that would reduce sensation, I feel that it is an advantage; once I've been using the wand for a while, the inserted end becomes acutely warm, almost hot, and the external end is cool to the touch. As it glides in and out, the temperature gradient feels amazing. The smooth texture really allows you to feel this in full effect, I believe. Furthermore, the smoothness makes it easier for less-experienced users (though the hardness adds some difficulty).

Moving along... There is little to no smell; the most I've noticed is a vague metallic smell that emanates from the toy when it is washed in hot water. As for taste, it is also slightly metallic. Be careful not to chip your teeth if you're actually going to taste it.
    • Not porous at all
    • Rigid
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

The design of this toy is another place where it truly shines. Not just in terms of aesthetics, but in performance as well.

As I mentioned before, there are two spheres at either end of the shaft, one measuring at 1" diameter, the other at 1.5". These allow for choice when you are using the Pure Wand; furthermore, the smaller ball can be used for warm-up and pinpointed stimulation, whereas the larger ball adds fullness and weight. The underside of each ball where it attaches to the shaft is completely smooth; on the top side, it is attached with more of a bulge.

Moving along to the shaft, it is about 8 inches between the two ends. It is longer if measured with a measuring tape. It is wider as it attaches to each of the balls, particularly the large one. I like how the girth gradually changes, it is quite stimulating. The shaft is completely smooth, save for a laser-etched "njoy" in the very centre. This can be felt with your fingers, but is not noticeable during play (or at least not for me). It's a nice accent, though.

When I first saw photos of the Njoy Pure Wand, I thought it was pretty small. This was before I read any of the specifications or saw the toy perched in someone's hand. It's actually longer and thicker than I first thought. This was further verified when I received it. Just holding it and feeling the weight made me a little scared, but mostly excited. I think that it is a bit more beginner friendly than many toys, since it offers choice between the larger and smaller heads. Again, the rigidity warrants caution, but the smoothness provides a little extra ease of use.

As for travel, its weight and material are the only likely issues to arise. Unless someone thinks it's some sort of curved ray gun. I would suggest keeping it in your suitcase rather than a carry-on, for obvious reasons. Speaking of ray guns, it is not a realistic-looking toy. This adds a few points to its discreetness, which is beneficial.
    • Discreet look/design
    • Ergonomic
    • Futuristic


I feel that this toy's performance is nothing short of stellar. While there is a definite learning curve, its inspired design and superior material and texture make it a wonderful companion. The curve targets the G- or P- spot effectively, and the length of the shaft allows for effective control. It's quite weighty, which may be tiresome, but this weight also works for you by adding to the force of the toy. Both of the ball-shaped ends feel great upon insertion, and each exerts a unique force. The smoothness of the Pure Wand allows for smooth and easy entry and exit; only a small amount of lube may be adequate.

At first, I was a bit concerned by the lack of any sort of flange on the toy, as anal use should require such a thing by law. I wasn't quite thinking of the design, however; even though both ends are insertable, it would be very difficult to lose this toy inside of your rectum because of the curved nature. It can only be inserted so far because of the curve - I've always had a good handful of wand to grip.

There is definitely a learning curve with this toy. It's a good idea to see how other people use it, look at the reasons behind it, and discover what works for you. Everyone is different, and the way you use the Pure Wand (or any toy, for that matter) is unique to you. Remember to take things slowly, and be gentle so as to avoid injury from the hard material. It is best to figure out what works for you before letting a partner use it on you to avoid injury; furthermore, be sure you are communicating effectively. This is a powerful toy, despite its lack of vibrating bells and oscillating whistles.
    • Comfortable
    • Powerful

Care and Maintenance

Njoy does include an information booklet with the toy, discussing "care and feeding.” I think that's cute, and it's certainly informative.
Cleaning is as simple as using mild soap and water (no abrasive cleaners!), drying, and if you wish, polishing with a soft cloth. This toy can also be sterilized via boiling, though be careful handling it afterwards. Let it sit for a good while, as it can hold onto heat very effectively. The dishwasher (minus soap) is another option. A solution of 10% bleach is also appropriate, but be sure to wash it off afterwards.

Storage is very simple - just put it back in the box it came in! If you prefer to use another storage method, by all means do, but be sure to keep it away from other metal toys, as well as somewhat breakable ones like ceramic and glass. This thing packs a punch, and you don't want your toys fighting to the death should the container be jostled or dropped.

As for lube, the Pure Wand doesn't care what you use, as long as it's safe for you! A little goes a long way.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


The Njoy Pure Wand is packaged much in the same way as its Njoy relatives. I received mine in the typical matte, black box surrounded by a white, shiny cardboard sleeve. The black box has a silvery Njoy on the centre of the lid, and is otherwise nondescript and discreet. Open it up to see the wand resting on a bed of satiny magenta, which consists of the aforementioned satiny cloth fitted over some carved styrofoam. The lid has two straps on either corner, one of which holds onto the information booklet that comes with the toy. Feel free to use these to hold onto a condom or some small, thin packaged thing. Or business cards. Whatever.

It would make a great gift box, too. What I love about the package is that it's reusable, unlike that of many toys. It's unfortunate that styrofoam is involved, but that's the only downside I can see.
    • Discreet looking packaging
    • Good for storage
    • Very informative

Personal comments

I have to say, despite the initial learning curve, I've come to love the Pure Wand... No surprise, I suppose, as it has plenty of fans as is. I would recommend it to just about anyone who doesn't mind paying a high price for quality. It's worth saving up for, and should last a lifetime (or more) with proper care.


My first time using the Pure Wand was a learning experience. While I enjoyed using it, I didn't have any real techniques, and more or less spent the time inserting and removing it (for the satisfying "pop" you may be familiar with). Since then, I have used it a number of times, each time better than the last. Despite its hardness, it is truly comfortable, and exerts its force effectively without being painful. I've learned that less is more with the Pure Wand; gentle, subtle movements can lead to great sensations.
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