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Pure (n)Joy

Njoy's Pure Wand is one toy you'd almost rather let speak for itself - just photograph it lying across expensive fabrics surrounded by warm, soft lights and allow the Wand to weave its magic. Unfortunately, this slightly strange looking solid steel vaginal and anal probe does require a little explanation, even if its fantastic G/P spotting ability has the tendency to tongue-tie its users. Another attempt to speak about the unspeakable awesomeness of the Pure Wand: let the games begin!
Fantastic G/P-spot stimulation, non-porous, gorgeous and discreet looking, great storage box
Heavy and can tire wrists out, a bit hard to navigate with
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Njoy's Pure Wand is a toy that is certainly inadequately described by such a term, almost any term actually. A toy? Hm, no, not quite. A miraculous, orgasmic crescent of silver light guided intuitively, as if by sonar, toward the pulse of your most evasive erogenous zones? Well, I guess that's a step in the right direction at least.

The Pure Wand is like one of those metal detectors you take to the beach to find buried treasures - except imagine that instead of looking for misplaced jewelry you're looking for your G/P-spot. And that instead of using a metal detector you're using a 24 oz. solid stainless steel dildo. I realize this is a weird metaphor, but most of us that have reviewed the Pure Wand have struggled to describe just how good it is as zeroing right in on your G spot or prostate. So for our intent and purpose, just imagine the solid gold wristwatch the lies forgotten under the sand somewhere. It's similar to how the female body's G-spot or male body's prostate are both located behind the wall of the vagina or rectum respectively, right?

Well, some of us have an easier time that others probing and arousing those hidden spots to climax, or even just to some level of arousal. If you're in that group? Pure Wand is not asking questions, it's just going for it: by purchasing this product and inserting it into you are officially declaring your spot found. Like, stick a flag in and name it for your country. Beep, beep, beep, honey, I found something over here! That kind of thing. For those that already have gotten acquainted with theirs? This thing takes you from zero (no G-spot stimulation) to 60 (HOLY GOD THAT FEELS GOOD) in the amount of time it takes to insert.

How does the Pure Wand consistently do what so many other toys fail to do? It's the combination of a few key attributes. The first is this wand's unique shape; it forms a nearly perfect semi circle and resembles a rather long and slender letter C when turned vertically. This shape allows for the shaft of this toy to push firmly and penetrate deeply into the urethral tissues or the rectal wall surrounding the prostate. For me, the wand dips behind my pubic bone and hooks right into my G-spot. Because this wand is made from solid stainless steel it's also a very, very dense and rather heavy toy. For this reason the pressure is deliciously intense with very little effort; some toys require intense thrusting which can make the wrist and arm ache, but the Pure Wand only requires some rocking or light thrusting to get me where I need to go.

However, the probe's weight is both a blessing and a curse. If you have arthritic joints or any kind of condition that lessens the strength of your arm then you may find what is painless with a silicone dildo is uncomfortable with the Pure Wand. You also must take care not to thrust too hard because a steel toy can cause bruising or tenderness if you thrust too hard with it. Remember these are sensitive bits - respect the steel!
At 8" in length, this is quite a long probe as well. Each end has a knob or round bulb on it to be used alternately as a G/P-spotter or as a handle - depending on which side you choose to insert. The smaller bulb is just an inch in diameter while the other is 1.5" across. This variance may seem small but trust me: when it comes to solid stainless steel that extra half an inch really can be felt! I prefer the smaller end because I get incredibly firm and pinpoint stimulation, whereas the larger end just sort of pummels (in a good but very intense way) ALL of the sensitive nerve endings in my G-spot area. It's too much for me and is not ultimately as pleasurable as the smaller end, but that's what great about the Pure Wand. With such a powerful and assertive shape and material - and such a hefty price tag - it's comforting to know that your probe gives you some options with how you can use it. So if you don't like one end? You will likely enjoy the other.

Because of the Wand's shape it's safe for anal play. It does not have a large flange like most anal toys would need in order to be safe but its sharp curve makes it nearly impossible to get lost in the butt. This is good news for those of you that plan on stimulating the male prostate, or for those that wish to stimulate their G-spot anally. It can be easily cleaned too because it is made from non-porous steel, which makes it even more ideal for anal use. Simply lather well with an antibacterial soap and rinse with hot water or boil this for a few moments (be careful to remove with tongs or something similar so you don't scorch your hands - this thing gets hot!) Just remember that this polished stainless steel should be kept away from abrasive cleansers that contain alcohol or other more caustic substances. They won't eat through the steel like acid or anything, but over time this can wear down the glossy finish of your Wand and degrade it.

When you're not using it, you should keep your new baby safely swaddled in its fancy black box with pink satin lining if you want to prevent it from being scratched in storage. If you do ditch the box just be sure it's stored safely in a sock or padded bag so it won't get banged up (or bang up other toys!) No worries about the lube you choose - from oil to water based to silicone this probe can take it all without any damage done. This is one sturdy toy, and with attention to cleaning and storage this heirloom of a sex toy will last a lifetime and longer!
Follow-up commentary
I'll admit that my Pure Wand doesn't get used all that often; it's heavy, and I have to take a bit more care when I clean it then I usually like. However, when I need some precise, heavy and unrelenting G-spotting? I love the Pure Wand. I wouldn't call it the be all and end all of G-spotters, but it's way up there in the ranks. I've gotten brave enough to try the small end anally and it's easily the best thing EVER. I prefer it to vaginal use. Since discovering its anal prowess, I probably like this thing more than I even did before, if that's possible.
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