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Contoured probe by Njoy

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Yet another gushing review!

I am kicking myself for waiting to long to splurge on a Pure Wand. My g spot and I didn't know what we were missing...or how much extra laundry I would end up doing. This is an amazing toy that gives me multiple g spot orgasms, and makes me an exceptionally happy (if damp) girl! I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes g spot play!
Gorgeous, sleek, makes for amazing g spot orgasms, two size options for insertion
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Ladies and gentlemen, I finally got my paws on the Holy Grail of g spot toys, a Pure Wand! I’ve been reading various reviews of its awesome magical g-spotting powers, watching it be used in various porn films (Yes, I’m looking at you, Tristan Taormino.), lusting after the shiny sleekness, and finally, it’s mine!

The Pure Wand is a semi-circle of medical grade stainless steel, with a ball on either end. This is definitely a hefty toy, weighing in at 24 oz! It measures 8 inches from ball to ball, and I’ve found that about 6 inches of that length are comfortably insertable. The shape is definitely not one that you can fully insert, unless your internal anatomy is something that belongs in a medical journal. The balls on the end of the Pure Wand are different sizes, with the smaller measuring an inch diameter, and the larger ball being an inch and a half.

Because this toy is made of pure medical grade stainless steel, you can use whatever sort of lubricant you want with it! For cleaning, you have plenty of options. You can wash it with antibacterial soap and water, wipe it down with a 10% bleach solution, boil it, or put it through the dishwasher (although I won’t be using this method, as I’m all paranoid that it might get scratched by something in the dishwasher). Just be sure to not use any sort of abrasive cleaner on it! Also, as metal is an excellent conductor of heat, or lack thereof, the Pure Wand is great for temperature play! Just make sure to test the metal against the skin of your inner wrist before inserting it anywhere. Burns or frostbite are not sexy, and doubly so when they are on (or in, eep!) your junk.

The Pure Wand comes in a thick black box with ‘Njoy’ embossed on the top. Inside, a bright pink satin type fabric covers a Styrofoam cut out, and the Pure Wand is nestled inside. This is damn pretty packaging. I may have actually whimpered a bit at how gorgeous it was, and I am someone who thoroughly dislikes the colour pink! I would have maybe preferred the insert to be made of something other than Styrofoam, as it’s texture can be felt under the satin, and I worry that I’ll accidentally chip it somehow and my Pure Wand won’t fit as nicely anymore. But, overall, it’s well packaged, and the box makes an excellent, if slightly bulky, place to store my new favourite piece of metal. I may be secretly dreaming of one day owning enough Njoy toys to build a small house out of the boxes, but I’m kinda weird like that.

I don’t even know where to begin gushing (yes, pun intended) about how this toy feels! I love it. I adore it. I would cry for weeks if I ended up losing it or if it got damaged. It makes me come in crazy intense ways, or will let me have wonderful rolling orgasms that leave me with no sense of time passing or anything beyond how damn good I feel right now.

The Pure Wand is also a hit with several of my lovers. My girlfriend is madly jealous of it, and wants to borrow it sometime, while my Sir is considering bludgeoning someone to death with it if needed. My Hund (my boyfriend) is the one I have used the Pure Wand with the most often though, and he had the following to say about it:

“I love using this toy on Pixel! I can lay next to her and give her pleasure without my wrist cramping, as the curve of the toy makes for a more natural hand and wrist position. Either side of the Pure Wand makes for good handles, even though the ball is smaller on the one side, they both still fit well in my hand. I love how easy it is to make her orgasm with it as well!”

I prefer to start off with the smaller end of the Pure Wand. It’s a great warm up for the larger end, and it also feels awesome for pinpoint stimulation of my g spot. Even though it’s about the width of a finger, it feels much different rubbing against me. Maybe it’s because I am the one controlling the motion and making sure that I hit the same spot over and over, or that the pressure is constant, but whatever the reason, I adore it. I can definitely come from using this side of the Pure Wand, and while it’s awesome, I usually don’t gush from it. My orgasms are really wet, though, and I need to make sure I have a towel handy just in case. (Dear gods, the sheer volume of extra laundry I have had to do after buying this toy is unreal…I definitely need to invest in a Throe as soon as possible.)

The larger ball on the Pure Wand is my g-spot kryptonite. When I use it, I come. Hard, wet, and without fail. I’ve soaked through multiple towels from the sheer volume of ejaculate I produce, and also managed to bruise my pubic bone from the inside one night in a haze of tipsy masturbation. I don’t need to thrust with this end of the toy, just insert it so that the ball is resting inside me almost against my g spot, and then pull it upwards. It takes minimal energy for really wonderful sensations, which is a good thing, as the Pure Wand would get bloody heavy *quickly*, otherwise. The sensations from using the toy this way go from feeling nice to ‘Oh dear gods, don’t stop!’ in about three seconds after starting to masturbate with it, and while g spot orgasms from being fingered usually leave me sore and needing breaks, I end up wanting to keep coming over and over with this toy. And somehow, because of some magic infused into the steel or design, I don’t feel as though I need to stop after a couple orgasms or ten.

PSA: This is a heavy toy. Do not operate while under the influence of any substance, otherwise, you could end up like me and accidentally bruising your pubic bone whilst wanking after having a few drinks. It may feel totally awesome at the time, but your body will hate you in the morning!

I haven’t used the Pure Wand anally yet, as I tend to prefer plugs over toys, but my Hund has offered to let me try it out on him once he is more used to anal play…I’ll definitely mention how it works out for that in my follow up review in a few months.

To sum up: Pure Wand=epicness beyond all reason. You need (yes, *need*) one in your toy box to make your collection complete!
Follow-up commentary
The Pure Wand has joined my Hitachi as my two most used toys in my toy box. It's my go-to toy for g spot orgasms, and is worth all the extra loads of bedding I have to do because of it!

I've also done some experimenting with my Hund, who is an anal novice, and he enjoys the smaller end for prostate play a lot. I get asked to use my Pure Wand on him more than I am asked for fingers or any other toy.

While the Pure Wand comes with a fairly large price tag, it's definitely worth every penny!

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