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If you're interested in working towards learning to squirt and/or have G-spot orgasms, you NEED this toy, because it is THE implement for those pursuits. It may not be great if you have weak wrists or a very tight vagina, but for most people, the Pure Wand will help locate the G-spot and then stimulate the fuck out of it.
G-spot magnet
High-quality steel
Feels luxurious
Balls hard to remove quickly
Packaging feels a bit cheap
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The Pure Wand is a strongly curved, stainless steel toy designed to reach the G-spot in female-bodied people or prostate in male-bodied people. Because it is made of steel and is quite heavy, it is best suited for people who already know that they like a lot of pressure on their G-spot/P-spot.

Because of the Pure Wand's weightiness and firmness, it would be easy to injure oneself with this toy, especially when using it with a partner. I think this toy is best suited for solo use, at a time when you are relaxed and feeling up to the task of handling a heavy piece of steel.

Material / Texture

The Pure Wand is made of medical-grade stainless steel. It's very heavy for a sex toy - a pound and a half. Steel is nonporous, so it's easy to clean. It turns out that steel is a fantastic material for a G-spotting toy because it enables the toy to put a ton of pressure on the spot. Sure, it takes more effort to use it than a lighter toy, but it's worth it.

I'm not a big fan of the smell of steel. It doesn't smell as good to me as a wooden toy or even a silicone toy. Fortunately, I don't stick my nose up to the Pure Wand too often.

Steel is great for temperature play. The steel will typically be very cold when you first touch it to yourself, so if you don't like that, you should run the Pure Wand under warm water for 30 seconds or so, before playing.

Be careful when using the Pure Wand, because steel can be very painful when it accidentally crashes into the pubic bone or cervix. This is part of the reason why it's moreso a toy for solo play than partner play - a partner could easily hit something by accident.

The steel is very smooth and takes to lube very well. Even a drop of lube will go a long way on the Pure Wand - and sometimes, I don't need any lube at all, except my own natural lubrication.

Design / Shape / Size

At first, I felt that the Wand was too large for me. The large ball was, and continues to be, slightly uncomfortable upon insertion and removal, even when lubed. It would be easier to insert and remove if the ends were tapered, rather than spherical. This also means that it's difficult to quickly remove the toy when I feel like I might squirt soon - so as good as the Pure Wand feels on my G-spot, I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to accomplish any serious squirting with it, but rather, just trickling and gushing.

Other than that, the Pure Wand's design is genius. Its curve is such that you don't have to put a lot of effort into hitting the G-spot, it just does it for you. With other toys, I have to actively press up on the underside of the toy to get it to make contact, or to put enough pressure on my spot, but the Pure Wand does all that work for me. All I have to do is thrust and rock it, which is quite easy to do (once you're used to the weight of it). Props to the designers at Njoy for making such a user-friendly, intuitive toy.

The bigger ball is 1 1/2" and the smaller one is 1". The big ball is intended for G-spots and the small one for P-spots, but they can be used interchangeably (so long as you sanitize in between, of course). I find that both balls feel great on my G-spot, but the bigger one is definitely the "holy fuck yes" end.

The Pure Wand is kind of discreet, maybe - it doesn't exactly look like a sex toy, unless you know what it is - but it's definitely not suitable for travel. It's heavy and will set off metal detectors immediately. If you want a good G-spotting toy for travel, pick up a curved glass or silicone toy.


This toy really knows how to rub a G-spot. I've yet to find a toy that does it any better than the Pure Wand. It succeeds because of a combination of the curve, the size of the balls, and the weight.

No other toy can induce that "need to pee" sensation as quickly or as effectively as the Pure Wand, and that's a signal that it's really hitting my spot. I don't even have to think about it, it just zeroes in on my spot like a G-seeking missile.

As I mentioned earlier, one of the only things I would change about this toy is the shape of the balls, because I find the larger one difficult to remove in a hurry. I feel that if it had a more tapered shape, it would be easier to pull out of me quickly without pain, which I think would be an asset to my squirting adventures.

Care and Maintenance

Steel is super easy to clean. You can spray it down with an antibacterial toy spray and wipe it clean, or wash with soap and water, or wipe with a bleach solution. You can boil it. You can put it in the top rack of your dishwasher, though I'd be worried about scratching mine if I did that. And if you decide to leave it dirty for several days or weeks at a time, your natural fluids won't tarnish the steel, because it's very high quality. Yay!

I store my Pure Wand in the box it came in, which is especially designed to hold the toy. It keeps it safe from bumping into other toys in my drawers.

Steel is compatible with any kind of lube you want to use with it, and it doesn't need very much. In other words, it's pretty much the perfect sex toy material, as long as you can handle the weight.


The Pure Wand arrived in a black wooden box with "Njoy" written on it. The box was covered in a white slipcover, also bearing the "Njoy" logo. Inside the box was pink satin, draped over a Styrofoam cut-out in the shape of the Pure Wand.

The inside of the packaging (Styrofoam and satin) feels kind of cheap, to be honest. I don't feel that it will last nearly as long as the toy itself will. But the wooden box is beautiful, and is the kind of packaging that I expect to come with every luxury toy. Njoy has really put thought into the details of their creations.

Personal comments

Even if you have never squirted before, you should stack up a couple of folded towels underneath you when you play with this toy, if just for this reason: you WILL encounter that "need to pee" feeling, and it sucks to have to clench up your muscles when that happens. Just relax into that feeling, if you can. It may lead to squirting, or it may not, but if you're worried about peeing on your bed, you'll never find out for sure.
Follow-up commentary
The Pure Wand, which used to be my all-time favorite G-spotter, has been dethroned by the magnificent NobEssence Fling. For whatever reason, I find that the Fling works better with my anatomy. I also find it more comfortable to thrust with, and it seems to stimulate my G-spot more intensely.

Still, though, I believe that the Pure Wand will probably be the most effective G-spotter for the majority of people- simply because it's foolproof. You WILL find your G-spot with this toy, whether you had prior knowledge of your spot or not. And for that reason (as well as all the others listed in my original review), everyone should have a Pure Wand.

If you find yourself underwhelmed by the Pure Wand but are still interested in exploring your G-spot, give some thought to the NobEssence Fling.
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