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The Njoy Pure Wand is truly a toy to trump all other toys. It can be shared, holds temperature well, and stimulates both the g-spot and the prostate flawlessly. It is my favorite toy, hands down.
Ideal material, heavy, perfect for temperature play, great for prostate & g-spot stimulation
Absolutely nothing.
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This toy has been reviewed by countless women. It has been lusted after by even more. I’ve heard that the Pure Wand was originally designed for prostate stimulation, so I wanted to try it for myself. I’m happy to report; this man is just as pleased as the women that have reviewed this toy before me.

We’ll start with this packaging. Now I’ve become a little annoyed with cheap, flimsy plastic that comes with most toys. The Njoy Pure wand just oozes luxury- and that’s before you even get to the box. There is a white slipcover over the very sturdy black box that actually cases the Pure Wand. Open up the black case and you’re greeted by a bed of pink satin, with the Pure Wand nestled in a formed area. There is also a Njoy catalog included, covering their entire line of delicious stainless steel toys.

Stainless steel excites me for quite a few reasons. First, it’s very heavy. At 24 ounces, the Pure Wand could double as a self protection devise. Second, it retains temperatures like crazy. When I received this, it was below zero and the steel reflected that. After using it, the steel almost felt hotter than my body, and stayed at that temperature for a good 20 minutes. Third, the material is ideal for sharing and those with sensitive skin.

It will not cause allergic or sensitivity reactions and can be sterilized using a 10% bleach solution, boiling, it or by running it through the dishwasher (top shelf, no soap). This is particularly helpful as my partner has taken to stealing this toy on a regular basis for vaginal use.

The toy has a very nice curve. It will stimulate the g-spot well: but I was looking for prostate pleasure. This toy delivered and then some. There are two ends, one head being 1” in diameter and the other being 1 ½”. The toy measures 10” in total length, giving you plenty of room to hang on. After putting some lubricant on it, you can use either silicone or water based- oil based isn’t ideal for internal play, I was ready for some solo fun.

I slowly inserted the large end (I’m experienced with anal play- beginners may want to start with the smaller end) and my eyes almost popped out. I prefer moderate to heavy prostate stimulation and this provided the perfect amount. As steel does not give, I can apply as much or as little pressure as I want. It wasn’t long before I was coming. If you're a beginner or want a little less of a full feeling, the small end works very well for that. The pure wand is extremely versatile and makes a great choice for everyone.

The Njoy Pure wand is the ideal toy for both men and women. Made of body safe steel, it can easily be shared by partners after sterilization. With proper care this toy will last a life time.
Like mentioned, my girlfriend has a nasty habit of stealing my Pure wand. She has found that inserting the small end, allowing the curve to rest against her vagina (and clit) and allowing the large end to rest on her mons. This stimulates both her g-spot and her clitoris at the same time. The steel slowly warms up and then radiates upwards towards her clit. She says its quite mind blowing and is looking at getting her own pure wand.
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  • Contributor: Gary
    Great review! I did kind of get stuck on the part where you mentioned using the wand as a "self protection device". That made me laugh, and then I thought to myself "if you were going to be using this for self defense, you might want to put a condom on it so that you didn't get someone else's blood on it". Safety first!
  • Contributor: Miss KissThis
    I've been drooling over the Pure Wand for a while now. You've totally given me another reason to get it ("It's not for me, it's for us!") Nice review Smile
  • Contributor: Nashville
    Pretty awesome it's just as effective for men as it is women.
  • Contributor: Liz2
    Great review! The Pure Wand is one of my top three favorites. I love the weight and feel on the stainless steel. And the heat retention is awesome. My b/f uses this as a prep for strap-on from me in addition to solo play, he loves it. And easy to care for.. l
  • Contributor: Juliettia
    Great review. It's nice to see that someone can add humor to it!
  • Contributor: Chou Wang
    Not bad. It seems that the price tag is reasonable for the pleasure level Smile
  • Contributor: Rose Unlocked
    Yeti- The great part of steel- if you do get someone else's blood on it, you can sterilize it! Swing away!
    MissKissthis, Sleeping Dreamer, Liz2, Juliettia, Chou Wang- Thank you all for the comments. It truly is an awesome toy that is definitely worth investing in.
  • Contributor: Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Nice review
  • Contributor: Greenleaf
    Thank you for the review!
  • Contributor: BlooJay
  • Contributor: MissCandyland
    Hahaha! A self protective device! Thank you!
  • Contributor: mmmmm
    Great review, thanks.
  • Contributor: (k)InkyIvy
    Great review! Thanks so much for taking the time to share!
  • Contributor: Mr. John
    Very nice review.
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