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Pure wand

Contoured probe by Njoy

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Double Your Pleasure - Absolutely

This is a beautiful pleasure object that delivers incredible orgasms. After giving your partner such an incredible orgasm, you'll feel a closeness that can only come from the complete trust that is necessary to experience such a high level of satisfaction.
Versatile for g-spot and p-spot use.
None - absolutely none!
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For more than 10 years now we have enjoyed the use of a myriad of vibes. Based on some comments my wife made about how she liked rabbit style vibes, even with the rotation turned off because “it gave her something to hold on to”, I thought that it was time to try out a dildo or two.

Completely new to the genre, I shopped long and hard leveraging the great resource of reviews at Eden Fantasy.com. Frankly I was stunned to see how enthusiastic the reviews were for such an odd looking product, but bolstered by the experiences of women who gave the Pure Wand raving praise. I was determine to give my wife this pleasure object.

When it arrived I was thoroughly impressed with the classy silk-lined black box, but more importantly with the weight of this stainless steel work of art. I did however wonder just exactly how to introduce this new option into our lovemaking, and just how would I use it! There are no instructions; after all there are no moving parts!

Taking the plunge one night, I placed the cold steel under my leg as I gave my wife an intimate massage in preparation for the main event. With her vulva glistening in (Yes) oil-based lubricant, I knew the ultra-smooth Pure Wand would penetrate easily. Taking the nearly room temperature Pure Wand in hand I slipped the small 1" ball inside her, searching for her g-spot, as the curve is designed to facilitate. Hearing a little gasp from my partner, I knew that the wand was still cool enough to get her attention, as I pressed the thin shaft deeper.

The curve worked as advertised but it was soon clear that the small end was not intended for vaginal use. Experimenting with the curve, I was able to add some clitoral stimulation as I worked the shaft in-and-out, which because of the shape also tracks up-and-down an interesting effect.

When switching over the larger 1.5" tip, things got really hot! The weight, and increased surface area against her g-spot, turned into a great combination. After a short time she grabbed the vibe she keeps close by, to add the clitoral stimulation she needs, to go over the top. All and all a very successful beginning.

Since I travel a lot, I suggested that while I was gone my wife experiment with the Pure Wand; that way she could instruct me on the finer points of how best to use this unique object of art. Sure enough when I got home she explained how she had achieved her first-ever gushing female ejaculation using the Pure Wand.

Interestingly when I inquire about what toy she'd like me to use on any given night, she does not pick the Pure Wand! But since I travel so much I assume it gets plenty of use while I'm gone! If you travel, buy this for your wife, when you get home she'll be ready to payback your selfless generosity! If you don't travel, buy it anyway, she deserves it!!!!!!!
Remember what I said about the small 1" end not being useful for vaginal/g-spot use; well, we've found that it's great for p-spot (prostate) stimulation. My wife gives great head, but she slips this in and the increased intensity of stimulation is phenomenal!

Option #2 - after working my prostate with the Pure Wand for a few minutes, she climbs on top for a ride. As she grinds her clitoris against my pelvic bone, her hip movements cause the Pure Wand to move vigorously inside of me, resulting in an explosive orgasm for both of us!

This is truly a versatile toy and because it's stainless steel, it can be easily disinfected. We wash it thoroughly, apply rubbing alcohol and wash again, so it's ready for either her pleasure or mine!
Follow-up commentary
The PureWand is still a great asset in our toy collection.

In our latest adventure, the goal was to bring my wife to an orgasm without a vibe. I told my wife that I'd need her help to make it happen. She obliged with a few verbal clues and by occasionally guiding my hand with hers - all ending a very success conclusion! Next goal - to make her gush - she can do it - so why can't I?

The other great thing about the PureWand is that it feels great as a P-spot stimulator for me. It slips in easily for an anal beginner and the curve hits the spot every time. I especially like it when she's riding cowgirl. I just hold the shaft between my legs, her thrusting causes the end inside me to thrash around in unison - great fun. One of these days I'm going to get the courage to try the large end!

Get one and enjoy the many possibilities of the premium versatile performer!
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  • Carrie Ann
    Nice first reviews!

  • Backseat Boohoo
    Really good point about it's use as a prostate stimulator!
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    Why would you say the smaller end is not meant for vaginal use?
  • Gunsmoke
    You're right, the 1" ball is just fine for vaginal use - I was just trying to say that the 1" diameter didn't do as good of a job as the 1.5" diameter for stimulating my wife's g-spot.

    On the other hand - I found the 1"ball was perfect for prostate stimulation - haven't had the courage to try the 1.5" end for me yet.
  • nmeyer
    delicious review. I'll be adding this to my wish list. Thank you.
  • Gunsmoke
    A question was posed about whether the Pure Wand can - by itself - bring on a rewarding climax. For my wife - as much as she loves the Pure Wand and our newer glass shafts - she always adds a bit of clitoral stimulation to 'finish the job'.

    Having said that - the orgasms are far more intense using the Pure Wand than with clitoral stimulation alone.
  • Raven
    I've been in the market for a toy that my husband and I can both use, and this one sounds terrific. You made a believer out of me. Great review.
  • SexyTigerX
    Love you review on this. I really have to get one, SOON! You just make it sound so wonderful. Awesome, awesome review!Winking
  • Lucidity
    Great review! I'm still trying to figure out how to best use mine. It's definitely a journey.
  • TheZombre
    This was a great review. Very explanitory and informative. Thanks!
  • TheZombre
    GunSmoke, this is the review I was talking about
  • Greenleaf
    Thank you for the review!
  • BlooJay
  • MissCandyland
    Nice review! Thank you for sharing!
  • (k)InkyIvy
    Fabulously thorough review! Thanks so much for taking the time to share!
  • hillys
    great review
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    Great review. Thank you.
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