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Pure wand

Contoured probe by Njoy

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If there is a toy that is worthy of the title "Perfect", this is it.

Are you considering buying this toy? Spend the extra few bucks, it is well worth it. There is no toy that compares out there. It is AMAZING on the G/P Spots... This is perhaps the BEST sex toy ever made.
Amazing G/P-spot stimulation, versatile, easy to clean, temperature play, EVERYTHING!
Not for beginners, price.
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I know what you all are thinking.... that toy costs a ton! Yes, yes... I know... I thought it too, but finally decided to splurge on it. Anyone who has heard of NJoy knows how well made their products are, and from what I can gather reading comments, nearly everyone has an NJoy toy, or really desires to have one badly.

But even knowing that, I had trouble with this toy... choosing it that is. I wanted to try/have nearly every toy NJoy makes, but I had to settle on one. Having tried the Pure Plug Large, I had a bit of personal input. I enjoyed the Pure Plug Large immensely, but I wanted something that pushed my limits more or that was more versatile. The finalists were the Pure Wand and the Pure Plug 2.0 (that's extra large for you all who don't know)

I really was torn between the two as I had been wanting the 2.0 for quite some time, but after trying some larger toys, I was unsure if it was going to be too big for me, or if it would feel fantastic the first few times, but kind of lose its luster after a while. After making a post on the Forum, it seemed that while the 2.0 is an amazing toy and many love it, the Pure Wand had higher accolades and seemed like it was more unique of a toy, so I opted for it. And boy am I glad I did......

Now for the technical stuff.... The NJoy Pure wand is a multi use "object" made of medical grade stainless steel. I say "object" because it isn't really a anal wand, it isn't really a prostate massager, and it isn't really a dildo... it could be classified as any of these. It also could be classified as a fine piece of art...

With that, the Pure Wand can be used vaginally or anally. It is GREAT for G spot massage or P spot massage. It is also fantastic for temperature play. However, I wouldn't recommend it for beginners because it is made of steel, and thus does not give at all, so you have to use caution not to hurt or bruise yourself. there are no sharp points on it so there is no danger of cutting yourself or anything like that but still, you need to know your body before using this AMAZING toy.

Material / Texture

The Pure Wand,like all NJoy toys, is made of high quality medical grade stainless steel. This is perhaps the most versatile material used to make sex toys that I know of. It is smooth, can be sanitized easily, uses very little lube, is compatible with any lube (you could even use jello or olive oil if you did so desire) and will stay looking like new forever... and I mean forever, it will never deteriorate in any way.

As mentioned earlier, while this is a fantastic material, it isn't for beginners, simply because it has no give.

It holds temperature well, both hot/warm and cold. And by hot I do mean HOT. If too hot, you could burn yourself, just like touching a hot cooking pan, or if too cold you could stick to it like a tongue on a frozen pole, so do be careful when playing with temperatures.

The texture is smooth, perhaps as smooth as you can get.

Naturally stainless steel is, non-porous, phthalates free and latex free making it a VERY safe material.

Design / Shape / Size

Design worthy to be called art. This toy is VERY well designed. It is simplistic, but sometimes the simple things are the best.

The Pure wand is 8" long if measured end to end using a straight ruler, but if you measure the curve of the wand, it is actually 10". It has 2 balls on the end, the smaller end being 1" in diameter and the other being 1 1/2" in diameter. The "shaft" changes in thickness along the toy, slowly and gradually, but the main feature are the balls.

Perhaps the most amazing stat on this toy however, is its weight. This toy weights 24 ounces! That's 1 1/2 lbs! and yes you can tell when holding it.

Whoever designed this toy really knew what they were after... for those details read on in the performance setion.


Where to begin?! Simply oh my god. Wow. Amazing. Holy Crap.. Yeah, that good.....

OK OK, I won't get too graphic here, but this is THE toy. The design was thought out well. They call this toy a wand, because the curve allows you to hit angles you can't with other toys. You can be sitting with the toy down there and your hand holding it and any slight movement moves the toy. It has great leverage. You can adjust the pressure you use for thrusting, everything.

I used this toy anally and it was the first time I was able to "milk" my prostate because of the ability to use new angles. However when I ordered this toy, I thought I was going to like the larger ball better. Naturally I tried this end first. While this felt good, it wasn't until I used the other, smaller ball that I found out the magic of this toy. Smaller sometimes is better! I did enjoy the fullness and weight of the large ball, but the small ball allowed for more movement and more sensations around my prostate. It made it easy to hit and apply more direct pressure on it. Needless to say, it did not take very long for me to orgasm from this toy. AMAZING!

Now I know you ladies want some comment on this toy. Well you are in luck because my girlfriend enjoyed this toy as much, if not more than me. Just like with me, she was able to use the leverage of the toy to maneuver the toy to hit her g spot. But for her, the large ball was better. I am sure this varies person to person, but it seems like NJoy knew what they were talking about when designing this toy for multi purpose use. We are still playing with it, but we are pretty confident that this is the toy that will make her squirt. So more to come on that in the follow up....

We also tried this toy a bit with temperature play, which if you are into that sort of thing, this is a great toy for that. It holds temperatures for quite some time. But do be careful as it can be too hot as I found out after boiling it to sanitize it. The toy held the hot temperature for a few hours! Definitely too hot to use. so if you are looking to clean it and play ASAP, I might suggest soapy water...

One last thing, this toy requires a very small amount of lube. The Pure wand is simply smooth and does not absorb any of the lube, so all of it stays on the toy, or you however you look at it.

Care and Maintenance

How easier can it get?! You can clean this toy using soap and water, boil it, use toy cleaner, or put it in the dishwasher. The only no-no is to not use abrasive materials, as it could scratch the toy and ruin its beautiful mirror-like shine.

NJoy suggests polishing/drying the toy with a soft towel, but really, any towel will do. Just like with your dishes, if you don't want water spots, dry the toy immediately. No worries if you don't though, because this toy will not rust.

Stainless steel is compatible with all lubes, so use whatever you like!


I usually don't comment much on a product's packaging because it usually goes into the trash soon after opening. However ALL NJoy toys are different. The toy comes packed it what I'll call a treasure chest. It is a little wooden box (it is black) that when opened has the toy is nested in Pink Silk. It comes with a little packet showing the entire NJoy line and care instructions. This is by far the most extravagant and elegant packaging I have ever seen for a toy. It also helps store and care for the toy.

Personal comments

If you are having doubts about buying such an expensive toy, just do it. You can thank me later....
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