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Pure wand

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The Magic (Pure) Wand

The Pure Wand has generated a lot of hype over the last year or two. And in my opinion, it is deserved! A well designed dildo suitable for beginners and advanced users, the Pure Wand will find most g and p spots with ease. I give this toy my highest recommendation.
Sturdy, will last a lifetime, likely to hit your G-spot.
Heavy (might be a pro...), price, doesn't double as a boomerang.
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Winner of the "outstanding non-powered product" at the first annual AVN awards, the Pure Wand is one of the finest vaginal/anal dildos ever constructed. Even if this toy doesn't satisfy everyone, I would be hard pressed to find any avid sex toy user who didn't appreciate the engineering behind this device.

The Pure Wand has large (1.5" diameter) and small (1" diameter) ends. The smaller end is designed for intense pinpoint stimulation, while the large end massages larger areas with ease (the stimulation is still very targeted though).

I found that the best way to stimulate my G-spot was by rubbing (not necessarily thrusting) this toy back and fourth in that region. I also love taking the large end and hitting my cervix/that region. If I rinse the Pure Wand in warm/hot water before use, my vaginal muscles loosen up instantly! I haven't used this toy anally or on a guy yet, so if any of you have more information/tips on that please leave them in the comments section!

Material / Texture

The Pure Wand, like all Njoy toys is made out of 100% hypoallergenic medical grade stainless steel that won't corrode or degrade under normal usage conditions. Be prepared that the Pure Wand is completely unyielding so it will not adapt to the curves of your body. Period. I think that this is the best feature of the wand, this way it puts more pressure on your G-spot. I also love the smoothness of the stainless steel. It is very very similar to glass (almost identical) and it is a little smoother than the aluminum used in Tantus' Alumina line.

Since the Pure Wand is made out of (extremely high quality) stainless steel, it is fantastic for temperature play. Simply rinse it in hot or cold water, and the wand will change temperature accordingly. The wand also holds its temperature for a while, certainly for a longer time than glass. Also, once inserted, this toy will become very warm very quickly due to your own body heat. After I orgasm, this toy is HOT! Don't worry, it won't burn you or anything. I don't recommend exposing this toy to extreme heat or cold. For instance, you can place it in ice or in boiling water, but I would not put it in the freezer or near a flame. I do NOT recommend putting the Pure Wand anywhere near your body if it was just in boiling water since that could cause burns. Even if you are into pain play, I would imagine that this could cause some serious damage, especially near the genital area. Using the wand after it has been in ice should not be a problem, just be prepared for a big shock.

Design / Shape / Size

The Pure Wand looks like the fanciest boomerang I've ever seen! This dildo is 8 inches long, with a massive curve, and 1.5 pounds. Come to think of it, this would be one heavy boomerang! But it would be the best boomerang in town.

The two ends have diameters of 1" and 1.5" so if you're worried about the wand being too large, there's the smaller end. And if the wand is too small for you, there's a larger end. While many might want an end larger than the large one, most will agree that it can get the job done.

The curve makes it pretty easy to hit your G-spot, assuming that your g-spot isn't less than 2 inches from your vaginal opening. If you have a shallow G-spot, I recommend reading Adriana Ravenlust's review. From my own use, I can see how the Pure Wand could catch on the pubic bone/in that region if it's being thrusted too close to the vaginal opening.


The Pure Wand performed beautifully. I have had many many orgasms with this toy. Even if you can't have a "pure" G-spot orgasm with this toy (aka no clit stimulation) I've found that this toy greatly enhances my orgasm quality. And I don't think that I've figured out how to orgasm without clit stimulation (today I might have succeeded, but my "ejaculate" looked yellow. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated!)

Anyway, I also imagine that this toy would be really good for massaging your partner's (or partners'...) back. I like to heat up the wand and massage my calf muscles. It feels really great! Also, even if this toy doesn't hit your G-spot, it feels good as a vaginal massager. Sometimes I like to heat it up and use it to rub inside my vagina. It's quite soothing!

Care and Maintenance

Caring for the Pure Wand is very simple! You can sterilize via boiling or cleaning with a 10% bleach solution. Or you can clean it with soap and water, or your favorite toy cleaner.

The Pure Wand is compatible with all lubricants. You can also submerge it in water aka it could be fun for some bath-time fun! Just be careful not to drop the wand because it might chip your tub.

The Pure Wand can be stored in its original container. The sturdy container provides an effective barrier to all of the evil toy monsters lurking in your room!


All Njoy products, with the exception of the Eleven, come in beautiful black boxes. They almost look like jewelry boxes! Each box has the Njoy logo printed on the top in silver letters. Inside, the wand rests on a foam padding, which is covered in satin. This padding has a special cutout for the Pure Wand. It ensures that the Pure Wand won't move about inside the container.

The boxes also come with a user manual which describes the Pure Wand, and the other toys in the Njoy line.

Personal comments

The Pure Wand is definitely a quality purchase. Though it won't fit everyone, it seems to be one of the most ubiquitous objects carried by EF. While I cannot guarantee that this toy will work for you, I do think that the "safety in numbers" philosophy applies, meaning that since this toy has worked for so many, it will likely work for you too.

Also, I use the Pure Wand more than I use any of my other Njoy products (Fun Wand, Eleven, Pure Plug Medium), and I like it better than the Fun Wand because it is more substantial. I like my Eleven just as much, but I save that one for special occasions. The Pure Wand is more of an everyday kind of toy, mostly because it is only 1 pound as opposed to 2.75 lbs.

I highly recommend all of the toys in this line, especially the Pure Wand!


I have had the Pure Wand ever since I began masturbating (about 1 year ago - don't know why I waited so long!). So I can comment on this toy as a beginner and as an "advanced user."

When I opened the packaging, I was impressed and I knew that I made the right decision to buy this toy. And this was BEFORE it came near my vagina. I had to start with the smaller end because the large one was waay too big for me (My Eleven is entertained by this statement). But I warmed myself up with the smaller end, and was soon ready for the larger end. I found that it was much easier to thrust with the smaller end because most of the weight of the toy was supported with my vagina. When I was holding the larger end, the weight of the wand was in my wrists.

In the beginning I was unimpressed because I was generally thrusting too far into my vagina to hit my G-spot. I didn't necessarily know this because I love hitting my cervix, and I assumed that this was my G-spot, mostly because it felt good.

But after a few uses, when I pulled it closer to my vaginal opening, I realized where my "real" G-spot was. And although I can't orgasm with ::just:: the Pure Wand, I've come close!
Follow-up commentary
This toy is fantastic. Despite my toy collection growing (a lot) in the last few months, I still use this one regularly. Don't have much new to say except that this is a fantastic purchase and I wouldn't trade it for anything!!
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