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Pure wand

Contoured probe by Njoy

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The pure wand has been touted as the ultimate G-spot toy, and I couldn't agree more. It was the first sex toy I ever bought, and it will be with me forever. Great for G-spot and P-spot play, curvy, lovely, and totally orgasm-inducing. This toy is great for those who want to locate their G-spot for the first time, or discerning connoisseurs of squirting. I recommend this to any man, woman, or anyone in-between who can scrounge the money to buy this.
Shininess, heft, material, shape, lasts a lifetime.
Price (but it's worth it), slightly dangerous because of weight.
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Sure, the pure wand is perfectly curved, hard, glossy and fabulous. But how does one use it? Start out sitting up and reclining slightly, your back supported by some pillows. My first point of advice is to make sure it's at the right temperature for your liking. It comes out its box cold every time. Sometimes, I let it rest against my body for awhile as I warm myself up with my hands or a vibe. Or you can run it under warm water until it's temperature is satisfactory. Sometimes I want that cool feel, and just lube it up right away and relish the sting of cool metal against my warm pussy. Anyway, just be sure you don't get shocked by its coldness.

Once you've got the temperature under control, it's time to lube it up. Since it's made of stainless steel, you can use either silicone or water-based lube. Personally, I only buy water-based because most of my toys are silicone, and that has always worked just fine. This toy is so smooth that a juicy woman might not need lube at all, but I recommend it for that extra bit of delicious slipperiness. And, if you're using it for backdoor fun, you MUST use lube.

Okay, it's warm and wet, but don't plunge in yet! I find that the balls feel genius for a little pussy massage. I like to run the large one along my outer lips. When I can't hold off any longer, I use the bigger ball and slide it in, and it promptly is magnetized to my G-spot. This toy is just the perfect shape for me, and goes right to my spot every time.

Now this is the part that stumped me at first. What do I do now that I'm here? After some trial and error, that hopefully this review will save you, I found that the best way to use this is to kind of bounce it with my hand. I love this for a couple of reasons. One, it feels so ridiculously good it makes me sweat and turn all rosy. Two, the movement is almost identical to the movement my partner jacking off, which is cool for both of us. Often, me masturbating doesn't look like much, but when we do it together with the pure wand, we can jack in unison.

I also like to simply press on my G-spot with some pressure, or ring it like a doorbell (press, release, repeat). If you're into cervix stimulation, you can reach it too by turning the toy so that it points to your back. Just make sure not to bruise yourself--this toy is heavy!

The small end doesn't feel like much in my pussy, but I really like it in my ass. The smoothness of steel just can't be beat for that purpose. I don't have a p-spot, but I find that I can stimulate my G-spot through my ass, which feels great, combining a myriad of sensations. And if I want to get warmed up for anal sex, I'll even use the big end (with a lotta lube) and open myself up. You really need to support the weight of this toy, because I find it uncomfortable for it to be weighing down on my anus.

One caveat I will mention is that I have not found this great for partner play. The toy is very hard, heavy, and unforgiving, and it is difficult for someone else to use on you. If you want to use it with your partner, make sure they are careful of your pubic bone and that you are giving a lot of feedback. I personally reserve it for solo sessions.

Material / Texture

I simply love stainless steel as a sex toy material. It is sleek, shiny, rock hard, sterilizable, and it lasts forever. It has no smell whatsoever. To clean, just wash with soap and water. If you're sharing, or plan to switch from anal use to vaginal, sterilize by boiling.

The steel has some serious heft, being three whole pounds! This adds to the feeling of fullness, and so is a lovely virtue of the toy. However, be careful not to knock it on your pubic bone or drop it on your foot.

What's so great about a toy lasting for a lifetime? Well, firstly, I know that it will never end up in a landfill. Secondly, I know that from now on, I will never be stuck without something to play with when I need a good wank. And thirdly, I think that this toy will accumulate some sentimental value over the years. You've heard of heirloom jewelery, well howabout heirloom sex toys? Pretty cool, in my opinion.

Design / Shape / Size

The design of this toy is absolutely exquisite. It is truly a pleasure object, satisfying one's sense of sight as well as touch. The curve is ultra-sexy; it's like a burlesque dumbbell. The curve of this toy hits me just right in both holes, and I think that, from the other reviews I have read, this is a common experience. Odds are, this toy will fit you. There is a small end and a large end. The large end fits very comfortably in my pussy, giving me a sense of fullness but by no means making me stretch. I imagine that those with pussies both more and less tight that mine will still enjoy this end of the toy. The small end is really too small to elicit much sensation in my pussy, and I can't imagine it would in anyone else's. However, it is great for my ass, just about the size of a very small butt plug.

This toy is not ideal for travel, given its heft. However, if you must bring it globetrotting you'll have to check it in luggage, because it would set off a metal detector immediately.


The best thing about this toy would be its fabulous ability to make me squirt. It used to take me about half an hour to get to the point of squirting, but with this toy it only takes me a few minutes. And I pretty much love everything else about it; it's gorgeous, sexy, eco-friendly, and will last forever. There's really so much to love about this toy, and I would recommend it to everyone.

I guess a downside would be the priciness, but when you consider how much one could spend on cheap, throwaway sex toys in one's lifetime, this is clearly a worthwhile investment. So start a swear jar or something.

Care and Maintenance

This toy is quite easy to take care of. Between uses, I simply wash with soap and warm water, dry it off, and put it back in its box. If I am going to share it or after I use it in my butt, I can sterilize it by dropping it in boiling water for a few minutes. I don't think you can hurt it by leaving it in too long, but 10 minutes is enough. A note on that: it's pretty hard to get it out of a pot of boiling water by any means other than straining it. It's too slippery for tongs, so just pour it into a colander. After you boil it, it will be HOT, so run some cold water over it and let it cool down before you pick it up.

Stainless steel is compatible with all lubes, silicone and water-based as well as oil (but do not use oil in your vagina). You don't have to worry about this guy turning gummy!

I don't think there's really a right way to store this, other than I would suggest you don't put it high up on a shelf where it could fall on someone.


This toy has the best packaging I've ever seen. It comes in a beautiful black rectangular box (as you can see in the pictures) that says 'njoy' on the lower left hand corner. What you can't see in the pictures is that the inside of the box is a moulded piece of styrofoam covered with magenta satin that the wand can nest in. It looks simply gorgeous, like a ring-bearing pillow. However, it doesn't feel like a pillow. If that bothers you, I think you could take the styrofoam out and put in some fabric or your own pillow. I continue to use mine for storage.

There were some instructions as to how to clean it, and a little catalogue of other njoy toys. I don't recall the instructions on how to use it being specifically helpful--you really need to feel it out for yourself.

Personal comments

When I use this toy, I almost always squirt. However, I have to pull it out before I do so, because it is pretty large and I think this blocks my urethra. Some suggestions on how to achieve gushing:

Get a towel and place it under your bum and thighs. Insert the toy so that it curves up towards your belly button. I like the big side, but whatever is comfy for you. Find you G, and start applying pressure however you want--pressing and releasing, bouncing, thrusting. Soon you will probably feel that 'gotta pee' feeling. This is good! It means your close. Keep doing what you're doing, because if you get that feeling, you're doing it right. It will grow and become more erotic, in my experience. When you think you're gonna squirt, keep going for a little longer until you can't stand it any longer, and pull the toy out. Then bear down and breathe into the feeling. I tend to have these kind of outward contractions just before I squirt.

The pure wand is my most reliable squirting toy, and I hope this helps some of you learn how to squirt.


It was love at first sight with this toy. I saw it at a sex shop, intending to buy something else, and was absolutely captivated by its gleaming curves. And when I thought about it, the purchase made more and more sense. I had just turned 18, and had been saving up for a toy for, oh, about the last year. Why not make this first purchase count? To this day I am extremely pleased with my wand, ol' faithful, the one that I reach for every time. Because it's made of stainless steel, it'll be with me forever.
Follow-up commentary
This was my first sex toy, and remains my favorite. It will surely hold up to the test of time. In fact, the more I use it, the better my technique gets and the easier it is to work such a hefty toy. This toy is great for any kind of body, male, female, or otherwise. If you want a long-lasting G- or P-Spot stimulator, this is the one to beat.
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