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Pure wand

Contoured probe by Njoy

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Pure Magic for Men as Well

I couldn't be a more enthusiastic fan of this toy. Many women have covered how great this is for them. I wanted to make sure men were aware of its joys as well. The Pure Wand is a must have.
Incredible P-spot stimulation, beautiful look and feel.
Better for solo play than partner play, the weight can make it awkward in certain positions.
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I read many reviews describing how the Pure Wand was an amazing G-spot stimulator and that it even allowed women to ejaculate. I can't speak to that, but as an anal toy it is an incredible P-spot stimulator. It gives you two size options- the smaller 1" ball or the larger 1.5" ball (which looked a bit intimidating at first, but quickly became the only end of the wand I use). I can slide the larger ball in and end up with smaller ball right at the base of my scrotum. Thus you get P-spot stimulation and added pressure on the perineum.

Material / Texture

I was initially attracted to and repulsed by the idea of stainless steel. Would that be too cold and remind me too much of a medical exam? But it was so beautiful to look at. The Wand literally looks like it is a piece of art. I could leave it out on the coffee table in my den and very few people would know what I really use it for. Once I tried it, I was hooked. The steel is very very heavy- you will never ever forget that it is there! It is also completely smooth. With just a tiny bit of lube, it goes right in and it required little additional lube. Tap the steel while it is inside you and- presto- you have an instant vibrator. It heats up to your body temp instantly. And, if you want to preset the temp- just put it under warm or cold water for about a minute. Feeling the toy outside of you is half the fun!

Design / Shape / Size

The design is both beautifully artistic and thoroughly functional. Maybe 1 in 10 will know what this is supposed to be used for. That it is almost a bit of a secret right in the open makes the thought of it even more exciting. The curving shape is very seductive. You can't wait to have it inside of you. And, it is that curve that makes it so functional, since the curve is designed to match the natural curve of the anal canal. The 1" ball goes it quite easily the very first time. I had to work with the 1.5" end a bit to get it in, but after a few tries it slid right in and gave me an incredible feeling of fullness. Remember, while these numbers may not sound like much compared to other plugs and dildos, 1.5" of unrelenting steel is significant! Any give is coming from you, not the toy! The only drawback as far as traveling with it is that it is quite heavy- about three pounds. You might want something lighter if you are on the go. Otherwise, the size is perfect. Although it is 9", because of the curve, you will only get about 5" inside. That will be enough to produce many many moans of pleasure.


There are two ways I recommend using this toy. First, use it sitting upright. Let it slide in and then rock and squirm around with it inside you. The sensations are incredible because it is applying near constant pressure to the prostate. The second way it to slide it in and then lay on your stomach. I mentioned the weight of the Wand earlier as a downside. Here is where it pays off. When you are on your stomach, because it is so heavy, it slides in deeper and stays put. You feel like there is some force behind you sliding it in deeper. That is a very good feeling indeed! I prefer this toy for solo play. I have tried it with my wife but it was a little unwieldy for partner play (mainly because it is so heavy, you are limited in the amount you can move around). For partner play, I would use something a bit lighter to allow you to be more flexible.

Care and Maintenance

Care couldn't be easier. I wash it with soap and water before and after every use. When there is extra space in the dishwasher, I can throw it in to give it an extra cleaning (it doesn't really need that, but it's nice to know it's so easy to do it if you want to). Stainless steel is compatible with all types of lube. I prefer water based (and remember, you do not need to use much). Also, since it is non-porous, you do not need to cover it with a condom when you play. It comes in a beautiful box that I use to store it when it is not inside of me. The box fits nicely in a nightstand drawer or in your favorite toybox. It should last a lifetime as long as you don't drop it too much or bang it into things (aside from your prostate).


Like I mentioned above, the packaging is this designer black box with a pink satin interior and a nice groove where the Wand sits. Just the sight of the box gets me hard. I am like Pavlov's dog.

Personal comments

The only downside is that you can't walk around with it inside you. Otherwise, it is perfect. Get on the bed, a chair or a couch- anything where you can bounce up and down and rock back and forth. It produces the most powerful orgasms. I literally can't hold back when I come with this. It is also a great starter if you want to move up to larger width toys. The 1.5" ball will open you up nicely. And, if you find that you have gone up too far, you can always come back down to that 1.5" ball and know that you will be completely satisfied. This toy is not cheap- but it is without question worth every penny.


Ironically (given how much I talk about the solo anal play), I bought this originally for my wife. I had heard so much about how amazing it is for women. She tried it once, but found the steel (that was such a turn-on for me) to be a total turn-off. She basically handed it off to me, and the rest is history. This was my first toy and it remains my most loved.
Follow-up commentary
My first toy still has a special place in my heart. Of all my toys, it is the one that gets the most attention when I am showing off the collection. I appreciate it both as a orgasm-maker and as a piece of art. I haven't worked up the courage to just leave it out on the coffee table, but I'm sure I'll get there at some point soon. I don't travel with it though, because I like to travel light and there are other lighter toys that can take me where I need to go. But, there's nothing like the feel of that larger ball sliding in your ass followed by the smooth curving steel shaft. It gets me hard just thinking about it!
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