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I am happy to proclaim from the mountains that I have finally found a G spot toy that works for me! The round ends and curve are the perfect design to stimulate the G spot and I truly can't imagine that there is someone this won't work for. I have NEVER had a G spot toy work, so if it worked for me it will likely work for anyone. The only downside is that it weighs a ton and can start to hurt your hand after a while but the pain is worth the pleasure experienced. Everyone should have this.
Amazing G spot stimulation
Smooth material that didn't hurt
Variable size good for range of people
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NJoy's Pure Wand is touted as the ultimate toy for G spot or P spot stimulation. There's good reason for this and I can't think of a reason why everyone shouldn't own it. I can't speak from personal experience about P spot stimulation. I am trying to get my husband to give this a go and if I can convince him I'll let you know how it works for that in a follow up. For females in search of a G spot toy, this is a must have.

It is a stainless steel wand that can be inserted vaginally and used in an array of different motions to fit your personal needs. It can also be used anally as the opposite end has a bulb on it though do take caution as it is not completely flared at the base. When using vaginally also take care not to thrust too vigorously as this could cause damage to the cervix. There is a lot of weight and the material is not forgiving so be gentle when using with force in any orifice you choose to use this in.

The Pure Wand is perfect for partner or solo play. I would recommend that you use this by yourself first. This is a hefty toy and does have a learning curve to it. Personally, I didn't want my husband coming at me with a huge steel rod until I could give him some instruction on what to do with it first. Once you learn how it works with your body, it can be a great foreplay toy. In fact, I found it worked better with my husband because the weight of the toy got to be a bit much for me in longer solo sessions.

Material / Texture

Pure Wand is made of solid stainless steel. This brings it in at a 10 on the saftey scale. You can do just about anything to this to clean it, including boiling, which means it can be safely shared between partners. Stainless steel is cold and hard to the touch. It does retain heat very well though so if you aren't a fan of cold things simply place it in your hand for about a minute or run it under warm water. Because of this Pure Wand is great for those who like temperature play. It can be placed in the refrigerator or run under hot water. You could probably also stick it in the freezer but make sure you let it sit out for a while after this. We all know the stories of people's tongues getting stuck to iced over poles and that certainly would not be fun in such a sensitive area. If you run this under hot water check the temperature of the wand before inserting to make sure it isn't too hot.

Stainless steel is very smooth with no texture at all. It feels even smoother than my glass toys to me, possibly the smoothest toy I have every owned. The steel is mirror-like in appearance. I can see myself reflected off the toy when I look at it. It is truly beautiful in appearance and amazing to touch. I'm not normally a big fan of rigid materials as I find them too unforgiving for my sensitive skin but I did not seem to have any issues with this material for some reason. It didn't have any give during use but for once it didn't bother me even after extended play sessions. I really don't have any explanation for this. Those that have had issues with harder materials in the past might want to give this a try. I can't make any promises, of course, but I did have better luck with this material than I have with my glass toys.

There is no real taste to the Pure Wand, save a small metal aftertaste. It's really barely noticeable and to be expected with anything that is pure stainless steel. I did not detect any metal smell to it even when held close to my nose.

I would say that an advanced user would be more apt to be able to use the rigid feel of stainless steel, but that's no reason for a beginner to pass this toy up. I would just recommend a warm up before using this to someone who is newer to toys. This is just too good of a toy to pass up, even for someone who is new. Just be aware that there is no give and it will not feel realistic.

Design / Shape / Size

The Pure Wand is a bigger length toy than I would normally pick for myself, coming in at 7.5 inches in length. The smaller bulb is .75 inches wide while the larger bulb is 1.25 inches wide. The width of the insertable shaft at the smaller end is .5 inches while at the larger point it is 1 inch. The good thing about the shape is that it does offer something for everyone. Those who like smaller toys can use the smaller end exclusively or as a warm up while those who prefer something bigger can jump right in to the bigger end.

I usually do a hand test which means if something is too much bigger than my hand then it will likely be too big for me. Pure Wand was quite a bit past my hand test but because of the design of it I was able to still use this successfully by only inserting a smaller amount. Since there's no motor on this that would be rendered useless by not inserting the entire shaft, those who like mid to small sizes like myself will still be able to use the larger size Wand. Those who like more length are free to use as much of the 7.5 inches as they would like.

As a G spot toy, what's really wonderful about the size is that it will fit just about everyone's G spot. No woman's G spot is in exactly the same place. Some are shallow and some are further back. With the Pure Wand, I can pretty safely say that everyone will be able to reach theirs without issue.

The other great thing is the way the curve works. What I've found in a lot of G spot toys is that they are curved in an upward fashion that makes it so they want to stay straight the entire time. If you try to curve them to the left or right they will naturally want to rotate themselves back in an upward position. My G spot is slightly to the left so I have a very hard time with every G spot toy on the market because of this. Something about the curve on the Pure Wand makes it so that it stays in any position you put it in. When I held it to the left, it stayed to the left. It did not try to stray upward or more to the right. It also has fully rounded bulbs instead of just a curve so even if it did stray slightly because my hand moved, it still was hitting the right spot due to the design of the balls on the end. The design put together makes this the ideal G spot toy. I cannot gush enough about how perfectly crafted the design of this toy is.

Pure Wand is not realistic looking nor does it look like any type of sex toy and thus is very discreet. I'm not sure what people might think it is but it surely won't be a sex object. Perhaps an odd dough roller? It is heavy, so it might weigh down a travel bag, but other than that it would be fine to travel with.


As mentioned, the design of the curve combined with the use of balls instead of a one way curve on this toy leads me to believe that the Pure Wand would work on nearly any female. I'll talk more in the experience section about my luck with it, but I have had a terrible time with many G spot products. This is the very first G spot toy that has ever worked for me. Those that have had luck with other G spot toys will probably find a new favorite with the Pure Wand. For those like me who have spend years searching for a toy that will actually work, the search may very well be over for you here.

There is only one negative thing I can say about this toy and that is in regards to the weight. The Pure Wand comes in at a whopping 3 pounds of heavy stainless steel. That just sounds like a lot but in actual use it starts to feel like ten. I have bad wrists and when you start using rocking or flicking wrist motions with a three pound toy and arthritis it's not the best combination. My wrist was aching days after using this toy. I ended up having to use both of my hands to maneuver this correctly because otherwise I would get so exhausted right at the wrong time that it was a disaster. My husband also commented that the weight made his entire arm ache. There's really nothing that can done about this. To make the toy hollow would take away from its effectiveness and I'd rather have this toy as is and heavy than less effective. Ah, well.

Care and Maintenance

Pure Wand is easy to care for and can be cleaned any number of ways. You can use simple soap and water or toy cleaner. If you plan on sharing you can boil this toy as well. You can also throw it in the dishwasher for a deep cleaning. When using my toy cleaner I did notice that thing tended to want to stick onto it a bit if I waited more than five minutes to clean it. Everything still came off quickly though and it was not at all an issue.

I expected this to be a fingerprint magnet but it really isn't. The only thing I noticed was that sometimes if I didn't dry it just right it would streak a little bit. I like everything to look very clean so I just take some extra care when I dry it not to leave water spots.

I store this in the box it came in because it is beautiful. You could also get a pouch for this or put it in a drawer.

Stainless steel is compatible with all lubes, so feel free to use whichever you prefer.


Oh my goodness, the packaging! Pure Wand comes in two boxes. It has an external white box that simply say "Njoy" that wraps a beautiful black box. This black box also simply says "Njoy." When you open it the Pure Wand is wrapped in beautiful hot pink material and on display. It includes a nice little pamphlet with some information about Njoy and the Pure Wand. Black, silver, and hot pink are my favorite three colors ever. This could have been these three colors and checkered and spotted and I would have loved it. For those of you not as thrilled with those colors, Njoy did do a very tasteful job of combining them and I think everyone will be happy with the packaging. It's perfect for storage or gifting. I think this might win for my favorite packaging ever. It's just that pretty. Plus, you know, it has hot pink!

The packaging, like the product itself, is very discreet. Unless someone happens to know the brand, they will not know what the package contains. I keep this on my dresser completely out in the open.

Personal comments

I would recommend this toy to pretty much everyone. I almost thought about knocking on neighbor's doors and handing out fliers. It's just that awesome. I hesitate to recommend it to beginners only because it will ruin you from other G spot toys forever. You should still get it though. Just be aware of the fact that this isn't like most toys where you get it and start thrusting away. With this it's more of a rock, twist, flick motion. I would perhaps recommend getting a few cheaper toys and learning where your G spot is first so you know where to focus your attention when you get this.

I would also caution beginners that this is a very solid material and will give a very different sensation that what you will get from a real penis or from most toys. It's very pleasurable but probably not what new users will be used to.


I first learned I could squirt about four and a half years ago. My husband and I were having sex and we moved positions where I was laying on my tummy and all of a sudden it just happened. Before that I had always assumed I was one of those girls that just couldn't do it. Since that day, I have been on a four and a half year quest to find a toy that could make me squirt. It's been a frustrating task, to say the least.

I was a little nervous to get the Pure Wand. I usually don't like hard materials for one. Mostly I was nervous because everyone said it was the G spot toy to end all G spot toys. I figured if I couldn't squirt from this that I would just have to give up on my quest to find a toy that could do that. I wasn't ready to call it quits and throw in the towel and I was scared buying this and having it not work would be the end of a bad journey.

Luckily, Pure Wand was the toy that finally did it for me. The first time I used it I actually didn't manage it. I did cum, but it was a regular vaginal orgasm and not a G spot orgasm. I was only using one hand and I kept running into the problem that every time I got close to hitting just the right spot my hand would get too tired from the weight and would just give out. I also was doing a bit more of a rocking motion which wasn't ultimately how this toy worked best for me.

The next time I tried using both hands which has since been the key for using this due to my bad wrists. It hurts my arms like mad but it's worth it. I found the key with the motions was to do one of two things. I could either thrust back and forth about a half inch on my G spot with milder results or I could flick my hand back and forth with amazing results. It took a few times to get the flicking technique just right (like a rotation back and forth from the wrist not the hand) but when I got it - oh my goodness! I just about died. I swear I must have tried it again and again just to make sure I wasn't imagining that a toy had actually managed to make me squirt. I was so ecstatic that once I regained the ability to walk, I ran out to my husband to proclaim to him that our goal had finally been reached.

I was actually able to use both ends of this once I had a bit of warm up time with the smaller end. I usually can't use toys as wide as the larger end of this, but after a few intense orgasms with the smaller end I was warmed up enough to be able to insert the larger end without any issue. This made for even more intense orgasms. I also used this with a clitoral vibrator at one point which was enjoyable but really, for the first time EVER, completely unnecessary. Never thought those words would ever come from my mouth. Not needing a vibrator? Not needing clit stimulation? Who is this girl?!

Once I taught my husband my technique he was able to pick it up very easily and brought me to the same intense orgasms I had created myself. They were even better, if fact, because my hand didn't feel like it was going to fall off from three pounds of weight.

I can see I will be using this for many years to come. I never thought I would love a non-vibrating toy as much as I do this one. Seriously. I'm so glad I got over my fear of this failing. I'll still buy G spot vibrators because they're nice as regular vibrators but at least when they don't work for my G spot I'll know I have this!
Follow-up commentary
While I still love my Pure Wand it is worth noting that it doesn't see much use. The heavy weight of it doesn't make it very usable for me. Even my husband gets tired using it and he doesn't have bad wrists. It does give me the most intense G spot orgasms of anything I've tried to date and for that it will always hold a special place in my heart. If I want a serious G spot orgasm I know what to reach for.

I also wanted to add in that my husband has used this and got his first prostate orgasm from the Pure Wand. I had gotten him some other toys and he wasn't having any luck. I suggested that he try the Pure Wand and he had his first successful prostate experience.
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