#Roundup - June 25th edition

#Roundup - June 25th edition

Gary Gary
Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the Weekly Review Roundup #50!

That’s right, this is the 50th Review Roundup I’ve hosted. Pretty neat huh? The very first one I did was on July 03rd 2009. It’s pretty crazy that we are only a year days away from the one year mark which really close to next week but… 50!

This week intimate apparel designer Sarah Norris is on the community interview. Go check it and ask some questions!

Update #211 was released this week. The major feature this week is the Universal Login, allowing for you to log in and import account settings from Facebook, Google, yahoo, and AOL. They are also new featured product pages and new featured product banners.

Please stop by the new contributor threads #7a & #7b and say hello to the newest members of the community!

Over on Eden Café this week there is a contest going on called Revenge of the Sea Giveaway. Here is your chance to win one of the Digital Playground Pirates line - Katsuni’s Revenge of the Sea rabbit style vibrator.

Congratulations to TacoODoom who won this weeks ‘Weekly Review Rumble #38’!

We had a record breaking number of reviews submitted this week, 276 reviews came in this week! Wow! Great job folks! Also, this is our 9th week of having over 200 reviews each week (the previous record was 6). So whatever you are doing, keep it because it is definitely working!

Have a great weekend everyone! Here are this week’s 5…

WiscyGurl1978 – “Good but not Awesome” – a review of the Climax Rabbits Pink Princess rabbit vibe by Topco Sales. Welcome to the community WiscyGurl10y! Here we have our newest EF reviewers and her very first EF review. Aside from smelling like strawberries and burnt hair, WiscyGurl10y goes on to say many good things about this vibe. Though it was not her first toy, she says that it would make a great first toy for a beginner due to it’s simple functions and good vibes.

MandyMoore – “Around the Neck Sex” – a review of the Pirates Pendant Vibe bullet by Digital Playground. In "Around The Neck Sex”, MandyMoore details her hilarious experiment wearing the Pirates Pendant vibe in public and the reactions and comments she gets from guys and gals alike.

Alicia – “I'm smelling quite delicious these days!” – a review of the Intimate Organics Body Souffle by Intimate Organics. Alicia love this massage lotion from Intimate Organics. She says Intimate Organics Body Souffle leaves the skin smooth and silky. Alicia also loves the smell and lack of a nasty greasy residue

Mr. Sauce – “There could be worse things than egg on your face” – a review of the Tenga Egg masturbator by Tenga. Here is a review of one of these cool little Eggs by Tenga. Tenga makes the coolest stuff! Mr. Sauce gave this Egg 5 stars and says that it a great single use, disposable masturbator that doesn’t really need any prep.

Pleasureman – “Com On, Use the Toy” – a review of the A Girl A Boy and A Toy DVD by Zero Tolerance. Porn that features sex toys? Pleasureman's "Come On, Use the Toy" gives the rundown on A Girl A Boy and A Toy, a DVD from Zero Tolerance where the sex is hot, heavy, and filled with toy use.

That’s it for this week folks. Have a great weekend!
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Sammi Sammi
A lot of great stuff going on this week - and an amazing # of reviews to boot!

Congratulations, everyone!
♥ Amanda ♥ ♥ Amanda ♥
Great Job Gary on #50. I always love reading these. Keep them coming. Congrats to TacoODoom and all in the top 5 and good luck to everyone entering the contest. Oh and welcome to all newbies.
Miss Cinnamon Miss Cinnamon
Good week at Eden! A lot of funny, awesome reviews came through this week! Keep it up, everyone!
buzzvibe buzzvibe
Wow, 276 reviews. That is awesome! Congratulations to TacoODoom!
Heartthrob Heartthrob
Originally posted by Gary
Hello Everyone,Welcome to the Weekly Review Roundup #50!That’s right, this is the 50th Review Roundup I’ve hosted. Pretty neat huh? The very first one I did was on July 03rd 2009. It’s pretty crazy that we are only a year days away from the one year ...
MuffysPinguLove MuffysPinguLove
Congrats everyone
~LaUr3n~ ~LaUr3n~
Some good ones in the round up! Congrats.
Lustful Dreams Lustful Dreams
Congratulations everyone!
Jul!a Jul!a
Great choices, congratulations everybody
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