#Roundup - October 14th edition

#Roundup - October 14th edition

Jul!a Jul!a
Hello everybody, and welcome to the Weekly Review Roundup #115!

On the Calendar for the next week:

Monday, October 17th: Eden Cooks 8pm-9pm EST
Tuesday, October 18th: Eden Photographers 7pm-8pm EST
Thursday, October 20th: Community Planning Meeting 7pm-8pm EST


Monday, October 24th: Halloween Party 7pm-9pm EST
Tuesday, October 25th: Naked Reader Book Club 8pm-10pm EST
Wednesday, October 26th: Workshop: Review Program 7pm-8pm EST
Thursday, October 27th: Eden Kink 8pm-9pm EST

- Over on the Eden Cafe this week, we're giving away PicoBong! First place wins a Mahani and a Honi! Second place gets to choose between either a Tano or a Koa!Third place gets the adorable Ipo!

- Want to know a little more about Picobong? You can check out Kayla's spotlight on them.

- Also be sure to check out Kayla's Weekly Buzz thread to see what's new this week!

- Don't forget to congratulate darthkitt3n on hitting 100 reviews!

- This week we had 447 reviews submitted. A little higher than last week. We're moving in the right direction!

Name that Toy
Post your guess on this Roundup thread. All correct guesses will go into a weekly drawing. 
One winner will be chosen randomly and announced on next weeks Roundup. Winner gets a $25.00 GiftCard

Redboxbaby won the Name that Toy contest last week! The correct answer was the G-spot pink!

This week's reviews have been brought to you by darthkitt3n

(How would you like to pick the reviews for the Weekly Review Roundup? You get a nifty $25.00 GiftCard. Send me an email at Sam@EdenFantasys.com – subject line “Hosting the Roundup”.)

And now on to this week's picks!

wetone123 – I Feel Sexy! I absolutely loved wetone123’s review of the floral lace chemise with thong. She provided plenty of sizing information and a good description of the set’s appearance. She also modeled the set on “Miss Pillow,” which was a good, fun idea.

Miss Debauchery – One Hunk of Serious Love! Miss Debauchery provided tons of information in her review on the gorgeous pure wand. Her review describes her awesome experience with the wand and really makes me want to try it.

lexical – Five Star Fling In her review, lexical described the different types of wood used to make the fling ergonomic two finger dildo. She really informs us on how green this dildo is, and provides great pictures too!

aliceinthehole – Beginners Indeed Aliceinthehole’s video review was a fun addition to her extremely informative written review. While she didn’t find the dildo harness set to be all that great, she really covers all aspects of it. Especially the stinky ones.

Kindred – A First Step for Virtual Reality Sex Kindred reviews a pretty new, unique product: a hands-free masturbator that works with video clips of porn stars to create an awesome virtual reality experience. His included pictures really let us get a super close look at the inner workings of the toy, as well as the size of this toy compared to other male masturbators.
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Beck Beck
Congrats to this weeks picks. Congrats redbox on the win! Humm I am off to search not sure what that one is. There are lots of pink ones to look through!
Redboxbaby Redboxbaby
Congrats to all the winners and the picks for this week!

I think the "name that toy" is the Little Honey #9.
Callisto Callisto
I agree. Little Honey #9

Can't wait to write my reviews for the week! So EXCITED!
JessCee JessCee
Great reviews in this week's picks!

Little Honey #9
ToyTimeTim ToyTimeTim
Great week folks!

Some great picks this week, congrats to them as well.

I'll go with the Little Honey #9 as well.
toxie m toxie m
Sure does look like that Little Honey #9

Awesome stuff this week!
Ryuson Ryuson
I agree the Little Honey #9.
Sammi Sammi
Congratulations on another great week!
Nothere Nothere
Congrats! And it's the little honey 9
Eucaly Eucaly
I'm also going to vote for "Little honey #9 – discreet massager" as my choice.
Beck Beck
Little honey #9!
M121212 M121212
I'll guess Little honey #9
~LaUr3n~ ~LaUr3n~
Little honey!
Kindred Kindred
Another great week! And thank you for featuring my review!
LinToxic LinToxic
I am so tempted to join the review program but I unfortunately do not live alone right now. Fail.

Congrats to everyone!

And my guess is the little honey 9 link
sexyintexas sexyintexas
Congrats all! And Little Honey #9
wetone123 wetone123
Thanks for rounding me up darthkitt3n!

Little Honey #9
Maiden Maiden
Little Honey #9 . I actually have this one is black!
Valentinka Valentinka
Congratulations to the winners and those in the picks of the week

It's Little Honey #9
Jobthingy Jobthingy
Awesome week boys and girls!

OH! I knew this one without even having to go searching - Little Honey #9
PiratePrincess PiratePrincess
Congratulations for this week!

Little Honey #9!
FaerieLove FaerieLove
I would say Little Honey #9!

And Congratulations to everyone !!!
Heartthrob Heartthrob
Originally posted by Jul!a
Hello everybody, and welcome to the Weekly Review Roundup #115!

On the Calendar for the next week:

Monday, October 17th: Eden Cooks 8pm-9pm EST
Tuesday, October 18th: Eden Photographers 7pm-8pm EST
Thursday, October 20th: ...
Congrats to everyone!

I'm going with the Little Honey #9.
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