Anal Beads

Contributor: Herp Herp
Are they worth getting? The only use I can think of would be a sort of "foreplay" to dildos or vibrators.
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
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Microbead lube for anal?
There are now some lubes with micro-beads in them...tiny capsules that burst for sensation, or scent or whatever. We tried one during anal and I felt.

Which are the best anal beads?
Which anal beads do you think are the best?

tantus anal beads and ryder with silicone lube
does anyone know if there is a silicone lube that i can use with the ryder and tantus beads?

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I was wondering if the x10 anal beads (glider) were good for long term wear. I am looking for some beads to start with for long term wear before i get

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Contributor: Wild Orchid Wild Orchid
I make my own beads by replacing the string every time I want to use them. When I play with them I don't engage in other forms of anal later. My fingers are the best when it comes to preparation for penetration with something bigger.
I would love to have a set of silicone beads with gradual increase in size.
Contributor: virgomama616 virgomama616
I think beads are great for someone not looking for more penetration. It gives that slightly full feeling, fairly mild
Contributor: tinadice tinadice
How are they used (
Contributor: Roshandala Roshandala
Originally posted by Herp
Are they worth getting? The only use I can think of would be a sort of "foreplay" to dildos or vibrators.
sparkle vibes. for sure