anal plug

anal plug

LilShae LilShae
which one would you recommend for a beginner?
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Ghost Ghost
Pure Plug Small.
geliebt geliebt
I keep recommending this same thing, but my first plug was this: link
It was easy to get ahold of, inexpensive, not too big, and a lot of fun. I still love this thing!
Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
Pure Plugs are great toys - but in my opinion they do a lousy job of getting one ready for larger toys or anal sex. Each one has a pronounced head that can indeed be a challenge to get inside. But once inside they neck down so small as to be useless if the goal is to prepare you for more.

The Pure Plugs are great for extended wear - but because your anus will have re-tightened, be ready for a challenge when removing it - it's as herd to get out as it is to get in.

There are many glass and silicone plugs that have a larger diameter neck that do a better job of relaxing the sphincter for taking the next step up. Here is a link to more than 100 possible options link.

To start with stay at 1-1.25 max diameter - then work up to 1.5. If you can take a 1.5" plug comfortably, you can probably consider anal sex a possibility - unless of course your partner is much bigger than that!

Enjoy the ride (couldn't resist the pun )
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