Anal Plugs

Contributor: w-o-name w-o-name
Ok so I have never been into anal play but I was wondering what the anal plug is used for?
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
Helpful topic info on Butt plugs:

What's a good starting plug?
What is a nice small plug that would be good for starting out?

The vibe that plugs into your Ipod.
Sorry, should have done my research first. I forgot what its called but anyways, is it a good product. Tell me your opinion. Is there one better? If..

Does the small pure plug have a larger base than the medium one?
I noticed that according to the product descriptions for the small and medium pure plugs, the small has 1/4 more of noninsertable length. Is this just

Should receive my Liberty Plug soon!
I'm so excited!!!!! A review will follow shortly I promise!

Do you like butter tarts?
Yes? No? I personally love them.
Contributor: married with children married with children
to plug an anus. lol
Contributor: Yoda Yoda
Originally posted by married with children
to plug an anus. lol
It's pretty straight forward, really.

Why? you might ask...
Because it feels so good.
Contributor: Crash Crash
You insert it and leave it there. No thrusting required.