Aneros (Progasm) v. Nexus (Excel/Neo/Glide): There can be only one!

Contributor: SexyPenis SexyPenis
I already have the Aneros MGX and Helix Syn so far, and I've thought about getting one of the following for easier hands free prostate orgasms. I know Eden doesn't offer the Nexus any more but I think I can find it elsewhere. I've seen the reviews for all of these and they seem largely favorable, but I've never seen them go head to head. Please let me know what you think (and why!) and you are welcome to select more than one!
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Aneros Progasm
Nexus Excel
Nexus Glide
Nexus Neo
Other (Please specify)
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Contributor: Kindred Kindred
I don't own either an Aneros or the Helix Syn, but I do have the Aneros Vice and the Janus Anti-Shock which have similar designs. Personally, I prefer the Nexus design because it applies more direct pressure. I have the Nexus Excel and Revo, but my favorite is probably the G-Rider. It adds a decent vibrator (wish it was waterproof) and the base is more comfortable to sit on than that of the Excel. I don't really care for the perineal tab on the Excel design. Either way, I say one of the Nexus styles are worth owning just for the contrasting design.
Contributor: OH&W, Lovebears OH&W, Lovebears
I have the MGX but don't use it much anymore. I bought the Vice afterwards. I liked it but it stopped working after like 3 months. So I got the Lelo Billy. I think the Billy is better than both the MHX and of the Vice. When I first got the Billy, I used it about 4 days a wk. I recommend it. I wished it had a larger head though. I also used to use the MGX while having sex, but not use either the N Joy Pure Plug large or the 2.0.

The MGX would move a lot while I was thrusting and the sensations were terrific !
Contributor: SexyPenis SexyPenis
Decided on the Progasm Ice. Will follow up with details after trying. Thanks to all who voted!