Is it safe to sleep with an anal toy inside of you?

CaliGirl CaliGirl
As long as the base is large and you are comfortable it's fine.
Two Grand Two Grand
I have but not on purpose after a night of excellent sex I passed out with it in and did not know unti; I had to go to the bathroom that the plug was still in place.
Istanbull Istanbull
Originally posted by YouPutThatWhere?
I'm giggling as I read most of these because I sleep with a plug almost every night (since Sept. 2010). Because of my schedule, it's more convenient for me to just leave it in when I go to bed. It's all about having a safe and ...
Thanks for your post. My wife doesn't know about my love of anal so I can never sleep with a plug in, but I have always wanted to. I envy you sir.
Incendiaire Incendiaire
I've done it before with the Tantus Tulip and everything felt fine.
Ive done it with the Tantus Abomb..woke up 2 hrs later aroused as hell (read:horny) & couldn't sleep anymore. The lube was dried up a bit so it was a little uncomfortable but really fun to do.
subbieforHer subbieforHer
Mistress has me wear a butt plug overnight about 5-6 times in a given month or so. I've always felt that the most difficult aspect of it was finally falling asleep while being so aroused. The first few nights will not be very restful. After some experience, and some investments in thicker and longer-lasting lubricant, I have found myself honestly enjoying spending the night plugged. I especially love forgetting that it's in there and being reminded of the plug's presence as soon as I move around... definitely becoming a favorite way to start my day ;D

I must add that overnight plug wear should generally be left to medium-sized plugs only (unless you're wanting a really sore bottom the following day...). Small sized plugs will more than likely slip out at some point during the night.

Anyone interested might find the following advice on the topic written by Tristan Taormino to be quite helpful: link
Biguy69 Biguy69
I just got my vib. Today. And I tryed it out and love it. Going yo try sleeping with it in me
Jul 16, 1:25 am
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