Pure Plug Medium - Doin it wrong?

Pure Plug Medium - Doin it wrong?

Rayne Millaray Rayne Millaray
So I'm a chicken. I probably can handle the large Pure Plug, but I bought the medium instead, just to be safe. Ages ago. I've used it... today (right now) makes twice. And I'm seriously fighting the urge to switch to Pfun.

It's not comfy! I've tried it every which way I could think of and it still feels like... Well, like I've got sharp metal stuck between my butt cheeks (the handle). And! I wasn't paying attention to the angle of insertion and almost ended up with the whole thing up my butt.

Am I doing it wrong? Is this plug not meant for extended wear? Should I just stop being a wuss and buy the large?

Hush, Carrie, I know your vote.)

I'm kinda not liking it, and it's sort of hurting my feelings. Lol. Suggestions?
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Carrie Ann Carrie Ann
Well then I'll just shush
Rossie Rossie
I insert my medium plug all the way in with the tip pointing forward towards the vagina's direction - only the oval handle is left outside sitting vertically in between the cheeks. The plug stays in place and is comfortable for as long as I leave it in.
Liz2 Liz2
I second the above. Once I insert it, I really don't feel the tip as such but a sense of fullness and a great overall tease kinda stimulation.
The 2.0 is even more over the top for short time wear.
I have both the med and lg as well, but I use the med more often, esp for extended use and sitting down at my computer. (I have it inserted now.) My b/f usually grabs the large anyway.
I don't think you would enjoy the Pfun Plug, seems more of a guy thing, but I haven't tried it..
Sammi Sammi
I haven't had any problems with the medium one. I put it in the same way - tip pointing vagina-ward, with just the handle outside, and I wear it for quite a long time (although I have to say it's the most fun in the car). It's really comfortable for me.
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