Toys in the dishwasher?

Contributor: Dairygirl8808 Dairygirl8808
Hey so........

in some descriptions it says that the toy is dishwasher safe......does anyone actually do that? Clean their toy where they clean their dishes that they eat of of?
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Contributor: edeneve edeneve
I've read reviews that the author said they had done that. I haven't done it myself. not so sure I want to either.
Contributor: OH&W, Lovebears OH&W, Lovebears
Not us either. Soap scrubbing and boil the ones that can take it.
Contributor: Wicked Wahine Wicked Wahine
I have done it twice or maybe a few times more, but I don't run it with anything but a load of toys (silicone and glass type dildos). If I was into anal, I would do this more if I used silicone toys for that to be sure to remove any smells. Anyway, be sure NOT to use dishwasher soap! It can etch the glass and it messes up the silicone, leaving white makes/residue all over it and it's really tough to try and remove. (I think the soap is bad for the integrity of the silicone, too, but I don't know for sure the exact problem other than what I can speculate.)

The point of the dishwasher is to sanitize the toys, you still clean them before putting them in there! Despite what many believe, silicone IS porous, it's just effectively nonporous for what we are concerned about and that is the ability of those pores to harbor microbes. That's why they say it's nonporous, but technically, it IS. Here's the problem though...those pores, while too small to let in the germy microbes we are concerned about, can hold smells. Sometimes you may notice a smell clinging to silicone toys used anally, or if it was stored near something that smelled, say a jelly toy, it can absorb that smell, too. Obviously most people don't want their toys to smell like stool and won't feel they are as clean. Washing the toys soon after anal use will often prevent any clinging smells. However, sometimes it happens for whatever reason and a run through the sanitizing cycle can help and it certainly is easier for doing multiple toys at once. Boiling silicone can be a pain in the ass as you are supposed to have a large enough pot of water so the toy doesn't touch the sides of bottom because it can deform, same with removing it from the water which can leave marks on it. And for multiples, it's going to take time to do each separately, or keep them from touching. That's why people use the dishwasher, too.

If anyone is concerned about the cleanliness of their dishwasher, they have cleaning solutions you can buy to clean out your unit by running it empty with the product. After that is a good time to clean you toys, or indeed after a quick empty run. But really, if you don't load it with dirty dinnerware, you have a very clean machine. I suppose wiping the upper rack or spraying it down with a diluted 10% bleach spray should remove any fears of contamination. I spray my unit with Clorox Anywhere spray to keep it fresh and I also spray my toys with it, too after washing them with soap and water. I let it sit on them until dry instead of soaking in a bleach solution (I wash everything again before use, so I am not worried about this very dilute solution drying on the toys)
Contributor: Lori n Hubby Lori n Hubby
Originally posted by Dairygirl8808
Hey so........

in some descriptions it says that the toy is dishwasher safe......does anyone actually do that? Clean their toy where they clean their dishes that they eat of of?
A word of advice about using the dishwasher.....

Don't use the dishwasher soap because the soap often causes irritation in people.
Contributor: SaucyxGirl SaucyxGirl
I either boil or clean with antibacterial soap. The pot I use for boiling is an old pot that I kept after getting newer ones a few years back. It is now only used for sterilized sex toys. I just couldn't bring my self to make pasta in the pot that my butt plugs get sterilized in. Ewww
Contributor: toysforall toysforall
I've never done that, just seems weird to me. Anything in my ass does not belong with my dishes