What is the best way to clean anal toys?

Contributor: AtlDom85 AtlDom85
What is the best way to clean anal toys?
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Contributor: edeneve edeneve
it depends on if the surface is smooth or not as well as the toy's material. also, some cleaning methods for silicone involve boiling or a dishwasher. but that's for toys w/o a motor.
Contributor: Fantasy Restraints Fantasy Restraints
Originally posted by AtlDom85
What is the best way to clean anal toys?
Usually toys have a recommended way to clean. Some are soap and water other you should use a toy cleaner.
Contributor: toysforall toysforall
Depends on the material. I use nothing but silicone in order to be easy to clean.
Contributor: SaucyxGirl SaucyxGirl
I only use glass and silicone for anal toys. I wipe them down with an anti-bacterial bleach wipe or just use a good toy cleaner before boiling them.
Contributor: SexScienceAndFood SexScienceAndFood
I just use anti-bacterial soap. THis is completely sufficient for zero porosity metal and glass. Silicone, which may have slight surface pores, should be fine this way, but if you are paranoid, boil it for a few minutes. I don't think other materials make good anal toys, so assuming what you have is one of these materials.