What's the best p-spot stimulator for thrusting play

Contributor: The Nakanas The Nakanas
Looking to get a new prostate toy and wondering what people's thoughts are on the best toys to use during intercourse. Let me know what you think on how comfortable, powerful, and how well they stay in place. Thanks!
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
Useful topic breakdown on Prostate massagers:

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Does size matter???
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How long did you take to achieve your first P-spot ONLY orgasm?
And what toy (if any) did it for you? Just to be clear, we're talking about P-spot orgasms absent any substantial non-P-spot stimulation.

Tips for prostate stimulation only orgasm?
We've mostly only used a strap on, but want to experiment with only massage to try and achieve an orgasm. Any helpful hints?

to vibrate or not?
Hoping to start exploring prostate massage with bf, would you suggest something that vibrates?
Contributor: Chou Wang Chou Wang
During the intercourse Pfun plug is my absolute favorite in the missionary position. Due to its heavy weight it can only stay put in this position and with every movement it provides a very pleasant kick against the prostate, just love it.

As a universal toy I really like the Ryder. It always stays put, and really hits it every time and in every position.

That's my thoughts, however I'm more into solo play and pegging.
Contributor: Why Not? Why Not?
The Pfun plug is cool, but due to it's shape it doesn't always stay in. The Njoy Pure plugs do sit in snugly and have that nice weight that doesn't let you forget they are in there. There are a few butt plugs that are angled for some decent p-spot stim. I think what you might be looking for is something along the line of Aneros, which I haven't used. I can tell you that the Rude Boy and Bad Boy won't be what you are looking for.