Animal-like Dildos

Animal-like Dildos

dv8 dv8
These could be fun if I forced a sub to use one or, better yet, cum from using one despite being disgusted by the thought.
IndependentlyHappy IndependentlyHappy
When I saw the title of this post, I assumed that you were referring to a dildo in the actual shape of an animal itself (as in a rabbit vibe or the Fun Factory Dolly).

I'm not really sure about using one shaped like the animal's actual long as they didn't do anything shady to the animal to get it, who knows.
Alura Une Alura Une
I have seen these for a while and find them interesting. The shapes, colors, quality of some of these toys look really appealing to me. I realize that it implies bestiality fetish for some, but I do know that many people who get into this wouldn't touch a real animal in a sexual way. I wondered how they got the shapes. But by observing or making molds, I do not see a huge issue. Or maybe I haven't thought about it a lot. I don't like the idea of forcing animals into sexual situations. But some animals don't seem to mind such handling so much. Or maybe they just give in as they realize humans can control them. Artificial insemination is common with livestock and other animals and I do feel a little bit of discomfort in knowing this. Perhaps I need to read up on the people who make these molds. I care just as much about animals as I do people.

I admit I almost ordered from Bad Dragon a while ago, but was turned off by the furry art. It wasn't the worst at all, it's just not my thing.
Mnemosyne Mnemosyne
Oh boy. Most definitely disgusting in my book. I'm a vegan. And I love animals. And just wow. Just not my preference.
Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
Anyone who has a dual-stimulator designed after the famous 'rabbit' vibe has an animal shape. Some are hummingbirds, elephants, cougars - what ever - no big deal.

What we would never do is get one shaped like an animals penis - now that is gross!
Free Free
Makes it interesting, but not for me.
cinnie0 cinnie0
umm i dont know sounds kinda disgusting to me..
Airekah Airekah
I don't really know what to think haha.
IndependentlyHappy IndependentlyHappy
Originally posted by Airekah
I don't really know what to think haha.
From the responses, I'd say you're in the majority.
Crystal1 Crystal1
I'll pass on this trend. I feel creepy enough sticking the poor vibrating bunny's face where I do.
Angel deSanguine Angel deSanguine
I like the ones Alien Dildos makes but I don't see them as anything other than wickedly awesomely textured silicone dils.

As far as the animal ones? Not my bag.
Herp Herp
Interesting, but not my thing.
Red Riding Hood Red Riding Hood
I have dragon and werewolf fetishes and toys like this help me cater to that. I'd be all over it.
nicky51679 nicky51679
Definitley not for me!
Happy Camper Happy Camper
Like any toy it depends on the design of the toy. I'm definitely a fan of tentacles but I'm not sure about other animals. They definitely don't have a fetishistic appeal to me but the novelty of such an item do kind of fascinate me a little. I suppose I'm most open to the fantasy creatures and dildos that aren't necessarily an animal phallus but an animal part, namely the unicorn horn and tentacles. I might be up for adding a dragon phallus to my toybox but I'll pass on actual existing animal phalli.
Fuck it. Fuck it.
For some reason I'm less freaked out by this than I am toys that have small animals attached to them. Rabbits/beavers/ducks/ dolphins on my clit are not allowed.
Fuck it. Fuck it.
For some reason I'm less freaked out by this than I am toys that have small animals attached to them. Rabbits/beavers/ducks/ dolphins on my clit are not allowed.
HoneyHoney HoneyHoney
Just weird.
idunshire idunshire
I feel like if I were to get something like the Tentacle it would be because it's outrageous and makes me laugh (and would be fun to display) otherwise I don't even like the bitty rabbits and hummingbirds on vibes!
soyandapplecrisp soyandapplecrisp
Originally posted by Illusional
There's a website called Bad Dragon, that sells dildos that are of course "dragon-shaped" there's also stallions, and a few other creatures.
I've seen this website before. I generally dislike the concept of animal-like sex toys. they skieve me out a bit. The most disconcerting aspect of them are the varying, sometimes realistic sizes (overwhelming large).

They also have a forum where people talk about their experiences with the toys and post pictures, etc. A lot of them are actually very funny (getting caught masterbating stories and the like).
Fannybutts Fannybutts
I've seen Bad Dragon before. I couldn't help but laugh, and then freak out when I saw how big most of them are.

There was one that shoots cum-lube apparently and the pictures made me laugh so much.
EvaChangeN EvaChangeN
I say why not...its just a toy. For all we know some of the "odd" shaped toys could be inspired by other species.
indiglo indiglo
Wow, I've never even heard of toys shaped like animal genitalia. I wouldn't be interested in using one personally, but I wouldn't tell someone else they can't.
EvilParfait EvilParfait
I'm actually a big fan of Bad Dragon toys. While not into the whole "Furry" thing, I like the idea of fantasy dildos.

A lot of toys are either "realistic" (human penis shaped) or what I like to call "artistic what-the-hey". Some people want something more than "realistic" but still want it to be phallic in nature. I don't find weird wibbly-wobbly toys to be that arousing. I think if you look at your toy shelf you should be licking your lips and thinking, "Oh, that looks like a lot of fun." not "Oh, this should do."

The way I look at it is that sometimes the fantasies you have aren't things you'd actually like to happen. Just because one thing gets you off in your head, doesn't mean you are about to try it out in real life. (Like a rape fantasy or sci-fi or fantasy..uhh... fantasies.)

I think if people looked at those toys in that way, a lot more people would try them.

Edit: For the record I own
Bad Dragon David The Werewolf x 2 (Small and Medium, I like both! <3)
Bad Dragon Anthro Dragon (Medium, way too large for me.)
Bad Dragon Naga (Medium)

So no strictly animal-shaped ones. But I am considering adding to my collection...
zeebot zeebot
The ones from animal genitals weird me out a bit, but I have to say I really like the tentacle ones.
magicmac magicmac
The animal dildo concept sounds interesting but it's not my cup of tea.
eggiweg eggiweg
hmmm interesting but probably only as a curiosity?? doesn't seem like they would get the job done for a human, lol
ichwillwaffels ichwillwaffels
Originally posted by trios
This question on a whim:

Dildos in the form of animal penis...Disgusting? or Savagely exciting???
Private voting of course...Believe it or not, they exist! (Look it up yourself).

Also, would you ever get one? Multiple choices...
That is just creepy, but I guess at least it would keep people into that from doing the real thing
miamortis miamortis
i would want one, maybe its because i like non traditional type toys.
MaryExy MaryExy
I would do one for the novelty of it. On the Bad Dragon note: my guy JUST showed me that site last night. I would consider getting one, mainly for the customization they offer (and it's silicone!!!). I mean how many places can you go to get a toy where you pick the firmness, size, AND color!?

As for the animal thing, though, I wouldn't think of it as "I'm getting a dildo shaped like a horse/dog/etc. cock." I'd think of it as "I'm getting a very interestingly-shaped dildo." Again, it's all about the novelty.
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