Biggest sex toy let downs?

Biggest sex toy let downs?

dhbg dhbg
We have all been there. Got a new toy and excited to get home to try it out only to find it was not up to your expectations. You have read all of the reviews in hopes that maybe you were just using it wrong or that there would be some kind of tip or trick that would point you in the right direction. For us it was the icicles no 24. What has your's been?
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GingerAnn GingerAnn
Perceptive forum discussions on Big Dildo:

whats the largest dildo you have ever used or seen?

Large girth, but "short" length.
My wife really enjoys the feeling of large girth (2.5 diameter) dildos but, she would like to try larger. The problem she says she has is that...

How big is the biggest dildo you own?
I have been wanting to get more larger toys. I have mostly all 1.25-1.5 toys. I have a cush dildo but I rarely use it. The size plus those ridges on..

How Big?
I am really jonesing for a dual density dildo and I've seen reviews saying you can probably go a little girthier than your normal toys with these...

Getting her to use big dildo
So my wife and I often use a dildo to simulate a threesome. I fuck her mouth while fucking her with the dildo in her pussy. Its a huge turn on for the
Inquisitor Inquisitor
Oh, that's too bad. My partner likes that one. Everyone is different though.

My regret are the Bendy Beads from Fun Factory. For others, I'm sure they are a great toy, but for me, just a little too firm for my butt. I guess my associates were right to call me a tight ass.
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