Geisha Plug?

Geisha Plug?

Thong man Thong man
Has anyone tried this product? What is everyone's thought on it?
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GingerAnn GingerAnn
Constructive discussions on Butt plugs:

Which plug?
I am looking to move up from my 1 diameter plug. I was looking at a few but I don't know which to get. I know I want silicone and no more that 1 1/4..

My Favorite Word is Butts.
I'm not sure why or even where it started, but I love saying BUTTS. I say it in response to everything. ... sometimes I even say it to myself out.

Plugs for extended wear.
What are the best extended wear plugs? I want something that is intermediate-advanced, but, looking for something with a good base that I can easily..

Poll is for anal plug user only .
How many days a week do you wear an anal plug ?

At first for me it was just weekends. Then it went to whenever I had idle time after work, meaning not going to the gym or somewhere. Now its like 3-4

Metal plugs--are they worth it?
I've seen a lot of threads about choosing one plug over the other but what I'm wondering is if the metal plugs are worth the price tag. The shapes...
babyrock babyrock
interesting to me too, but i haven't seen any.
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