Glass dildos--please teach me!

Contributor: phoenixfire phoenixfire
I am a newbie to the world of dildos, but I like what I am discovering. So far, my favorite material for dildos (and most sex toys) is silicone, both for ease of cleaning and how soft/pliable it is. That said, I have heard great things about glass dildos. What is the best way to care for those? How about storing them? Wouldn't you worry about breaking them if you and/or your partner were a little too vigorous in the heat of the moment?

Just trying to pick up some info so I know whether or not I want to branch out (pardon the possible pun) on my next dildo purchase.
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
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Contributor: Ryuson Ryuson
The glass is sturdy enough that the only ways to break it would be dropping it in ice water from the oven or letting it fall onto concrete flooring. Your soft insides aren't a concern!

They're easier to care for than most materials because NOTHING gets them dirty. You can store them in a drawer and only have to wash them after each use if you want because they don't collect lint at all.

You shouldn't store them in contact with other glass toys, but in contact with silicone, Jelly, or plastic toys should be fine. You should also not step on them or anything.
Contributor: Chilipepper Chilipepper
Glass is as easy to care for as silicone - it's nonporous, so cleaning is exactly the same. If any have nooks-and-crannies, a soft toothbrush would be best for cleaning them. I use soap and water for mine. Oh, and not collecting lint is a bonus.

Glass is quite sturdy and hefty, so there's little chance of breakage "in the moment" - think of it as being the same as glass bakeware (it's practically the same thing). Dropping them on a hard surface can break them (concrete, tile, etc), but I understand they don't shatter, they just break into chunks. If you do drop it by accident, check for chips and discard if there are any.

I store mine in the open on a shelf because they look like art pieces (I clean them of dust before using them), but just putting them inside a soft sock in a bedside table drawer or the like will be okay.
Contributor: mp3me mp3me
Just be gentle... dont go crazy fast and hard in yourself
Contributor: phoenixfire phoenixfire
Thanks for all the responses. This is really helpful. I'll have to try one out soon!
Contributor: indiglo indiglo
My favorite materials so far are silicone and glass. Another thing I like about using glass is that it is naturally so slick, unlike silicone. Silicone generally has a fair amount of drag, so you must usually use lube of some kind. But with glass, you only need a tiny dab of lube - if any at all. I like that too in the moment!
Contributor: Gracie Gracie
I enjoy my glass dildos! To wash I just use warm water and soap. My favorites are the icicles 17 and serenity. Both have an awesome g-spot curve and a rounded head.
Contributor: dm dm
My wife loves them and they are easy to clean.
Contributor: phoenixfire phoenixfire
So, for a beginner with glass dildos--and pretty much a beginner to dildos in general (though I do own one now) would you recommend textured or smooth glass dildos to start with?
Contributor: Adriana Ravenlust Adriana Ravenlust
Originally posted by phoenixfire
So, for a beginner with glass dildos--and pretty much a beginner to dildos in general (though I do own one now) would you recommend textured or smooth glass dildos to start with?
Well, the textures are super easy to feel. If you're worried about it being too intense, smooth with a bulbous head is probably good. However ,I find too smooth to be boring. Something with some texture might be the better option.