Is my Icicles 32 defective?

Contributor: ManicPixie ManicPixie
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I've never handled a glass toy before purchasing Icicles 32, and I have to say that I'm disappointed.

Like glass ornaments or paperweights, I expected the surface to be highly polished and smooth. No32 was packaged in styrofoam, and I thought the random sand-like texture was due to sticky bits of styrofoam that could be washed/wiped away. This was not the case, and with closer inspection I see that the surface has tiny bumps/scratches concentrated on some parts, while other nubs are nearly flawless.

The imperfections are not noticeable when dragged across the skin, but I really don't like handling it in my, well, hands.

What do you think? Is this particular product defective? Were my expectations unrealistic?
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
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Contributor: El-Jaro El-Jaro
It sounds like a defective item. If you bought it from EF, you can submit a support ticket and get the situation resolved.