Straight vs curved glass dildos

Contributor: ScottA ScottA
I'm reviewing a new glass dildo for EF (the Blue Rider link), and I like the head and the glass, but I don't like the straight shaft. A curved shaft is easier to insert (especially anally) and easier to use for directed stimulation (e.g. of the G-spot or prostate).

My question is this: what do people think of straight-shafted glass dildos vs. curved? What are the straight shafts good for that curved dildos are not?
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
Insightful topic debates on Glass dildo:

it is best to buy these beautys while their on sale!!

what makes glass so specail?

I've never tried glass before. Are they good? It seems really hard and sterile. I mean, looks wise, they're amazing but performance?

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Can't get enough of glass!
I'm so glad I decided to try a glass dildo! It didn't take long to convince me after I tried it. I'm pretty sure it's my new favorite material. I just
Contributor: Annemarie Annemarie
Originally posted by ScottA
I'm reviewing a new glass dildo for EF (the Blue Rider link), and I like the head and the glass, but I don't like the straight shaft. A curved shaft is easier to insert (especially anally) and easier to use for directed stimulation (e.g. of ... more
I've noticed that many straight-shafted glass dildos or wands tend to have more texture (ridges, nubbies, etc) and/or shapes (bloops, bubbles, etc) than curved ones, which make them great for pinpoint stimulation of a different kind.

I do like curved toys more, as it's less 'involving' to find my g-spot, but I still enjoy straight shafts, because of the texture and/or shapes.
Contributor: gone77 gone77
I like curved shafts the best. Unless the texture on a straight-shaft dildo is very stimulating, I'm not overly impressed with the non-curved ones. For in-n-out vaginal thrusting with a non-curved toy, I prefer materials other than glass...something with a drag on it or a thick girth. Glass is so smooth that without a curve it's just not that stimulating for me.
Contributor: ~LaUr3n~ ~LaUr3n~
I prefer curved. SLIGHTLY curved. It helped navigate around painful contact points.
Contributor: Liz2 Liz2
I prefer curved as the "angle" of penetration makes play easier on my wrists.
Contributor: Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
My wife prefers to have me 'drive' when it comes to dildos. The best ones are curved - almost all have some texture from swirls or bumps - but we have a couple smooth ones as well. link link link

However, we also have a couple straight ones like the Silenzio linkthat work quite well - for my wife she loves glass so much - it's hard to go wrong!

Get more than one - they are all good
Contributor: Waterfall Waterfall
I like curved glass toys for g-spot stimulation, most of them tend to be smooth as well. However, I also like straight glass toys and because the ones I own are textured they provide a lot of stimulation.
Contributor: ScottA ScottA
I have a couple. There's one that was sent for review that's nice, long, has a good head and a bit of texture, but I find myself wishing it was a little curved.
Contributor: removedacnt removedacnt
I prefer a curve as well.
Contributor: Tuesday Tuesday
Curved is better in my opinion. They're easier to use plus when you use them on a bed you won't be as likely to keep hitting the bed with it on the outstroke. With a straight toy I find that I have to keep scooting down which I don't like.

A curved toy makes it easier to apply as much pressure as you want to your G-spot.
Contributor: ToyTimeTim ToyTimeTim
For me I like the curved better but enjoy both. When the wife uses one on me she has a hard time with strait, just doesn't like to go in for her. It has never been uncomfortable for me so I am not sure were the problem is.

The only thing about most curved that I don't like is they tend to turn and most have no indicator so you can feel the top of the toy with your hand. This is a very small problem as harder toys are easier to feel while they are inside.
Contributor: Envy Envy
I only own a glass plug but if I could have a dildo, I don't think it matters that much to me, depends on my mood. Though curved is always a plus for the gspot stim.
Contributor: Valyn Valyn
Oh, curved, definitely. I just reviewed the 19, which is my first straight dildo, and I found the straightness rather awkward.

I guess it does make it a little easier if you just want it for thrusting, but for anything else, it can get difficult.
Contributor: LiftedUp LiftedUp
As usual, I'm in agreeance with you ScottA. We've tried both curved and straight dildos (glass and otherwise), and both of us prefer the a nice curve to the shaft. In fact, the curve is something that we specifically look for when purchasing toys.