Wooden Toys from Nob essence

Wooden Toys from Nob essence

Sugargirl Sugargirl
Turned G-spot
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link link link link Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! These toys left me speechless for quite some time. Stylish, ergonomic shapes, appealing and tempting curves, multi-functional (dildo, G-spot, P-spot, anal beads etc.), a very nice gift box and what's more important "natural ingredients". MAMA MIA!!! Aside they look like the perfect toys (personally for me they really do), they also seem to be the perfect gifts. What do you think? I'd like to hear as many opinions as possible, as I'm definitely inclined to have one of my own.
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Regina Evans Regina Evans
Those should be just wonderful to play with. I was never fascinated by extravagant toys, like glass toys or steel toys but these "Pinocchio" ) toys look amazing (especially for anal fun).
Spazydevil Spazydevil
Hmm... I have never thought chopping woods could be such a fun... and a profit as well.
The toys look nice indeed. Anal fun could be something special with these ones.

PS: "Dual use S shape" looks like a cobra in action (lol)
PJames PJames
Everything what's related to male's G-spot, the prostate gland a.k.a. P-spot, is a MUST for a man.
Nod essence I must say have delicate style, it is clearly seen here, and very skillful and qualified specialists. Hand-crafted sex toys where always better than ones put on the line, thus paying attention to every detail.

Great products. Strongly recommended.
Oxikort Oxikort
Lovely toys. I reckon if Queen Elizabeth had one of these 60 years ago she wouldn't gave birth to Prick... I'm sorry, I meant Prince Charles.

I wonder how many of these they can do out of a 100 year old oak hehe.
Mary Z Mary Z
Originally posted by Sugargirl
link link link link Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! These toys left me speechless for quite some time. Stylish, ergonomic shapes, appealing and tempting curves, multi-functional (dildo, G-spot, P-spot, anal beads etc.), a very nice gift box and what's ...
Oh My God!!!
Sugargirl you've just opened my eyes to a brilliant collection of hand made toys. They must be "delicious", you know what I mean.
Thanks a bunch, I'm gonna order one right now.
Louis Louis
Is it somehow possible to get one for free in exchange for an excellent review???

I'd really like to have one of them.
Cock Wrangler Cock Wrangler
They do look fantastic... I have yet to try one, but I'll get there! I'm really curious about the feel of a hard material that's lighter-weight than glass or steel. Wood also has just a bit of give to it, not very noticeable in hand, but I wonder if it will be as an insertable toy...
Essin' Em Essin' Em
How did I miss this thread?

OH MY GOD GET ONE! I have the dual use S-shape, and it is beyond amazing. My favorite insertable, surpassing even the pure wand (which is hard to imagine!) Absolutely stunning to look at, and it feels great inside as well. Highly recommend.

Louis - These are really really expensive ones, so once you have 15 or 20 assigned reviews with high ratings, you might be able to make a deal on one that isn't reviewed yet...
Always Aroused Girl Always Aroused Girl
I have a number of these, and they are uniformly fabulous. NobEssence is family owned; they hand polish these toys very carefully and they're constantly coming up with cool new designs.

Save your pennies...these are definitely worth the $$$.
ThePornLibrarian ThePornLibrarian
I recently become a proud owner of the Fling and my life will never be the same. It's a well-crafted toy that doubles as art.

I'll second AAG's advice to splurge!
Snappy Snappy
Yeah, I'll third that. The Romp is my favorite non-vibrating toy now. It does everything. It's great vaginally, it's fantastic anally and it can be inserted handle up or down in either place. It looks cool, is handcrafted of sustainable wood, and has a natural finish that cleans up easily and keeps looking good. It's a high quality toy that will last a lifetime with proper care.
Siryn Siryn
I'm dying to try one of these out.
Eucaly Eucaly
I've really got my eye on the S-shape and on the Turned G-spot.

Since I'm mostly interested in the G-spot end of either toy, I guess it comes down to whether I want a slightly larger bulb (Turned G-spot) or a slightly smaller bulb (S-shape).
Eucaly Eucaly
Update: The Turned G-Spot is now in my possession. There will probably be a review from me in another month or so.
Girly Juice Girly Juice
My NobEssence Fling is my new best friend. It honestly is one of the most effective G-spotters I've ever used, better than the Amethyst but not quite as good as the Pure Wand (though, sometimes I want my stimulation a liiiiittle gentler than steel will allow for, in which case the Fling is the perfect choice).
Modern^Spank^Anthem Modern^Spank^Anthem
they do look great
RoughToughCocoaPuff RoughToughCocoaPuff
Gorgeous! I can't wait to try one of these out!
namelesschaos namelesschaos
I have two The Romp link and the Linger: link They are lovely.
befree09 befree09
so pretty I can't wait to try one of these out!
jaynimal jaynimal
I would never...ever ever ever ever never ever put wood in that area. If i got a splinter...I would never touch myself again
ashboo32 ashboo32
from what I've read u can't get splitters from nob essence at least. i would be more concerned about glass than wood any day though. they look fabulous and excellent quality. i hope them come back in stock soon.
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