What's your fabric of choice?

Contributor: That Man from Mars That Man from Mars
Just a bit curious if anyone has a preferred fabric when it comes to bedroom attire. What's yours, and why?

Personally, I love leather on me and lace on my beloved.
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Contributor: MaryExy MaryExy
I like different things. Stretchy, slinky spandex is nice for dresses, fine mesh feels nice, lace is pretty, and satin looks like something I'd like. I don't really care what my guy is wearing.
Contributor: Coralbell Coralbell
Lace, satin, or mesh.
Contributor: Sir Sir
Leather, since I am a leather fetishist. But I love satin, lace, cotton, and latex. Latex, mm, latex is so sexy on a body.
Contributor: married with children married with children
cotton is nice and holds up well. i love the look of leather, but have not been able to find any thing that fits well.
Contributor: dv8 dv8
Contributor: BabyL0ve BabyL0ve
i like to be comfortable
Contributor: ToyGurl ToyGurl
Silk, I need to be comfortable I like the feeling of being naked.
Contributor: ToyTimeTim ToyTimeTim
I like a lot of materials, really anything she likes to wear. I prefer black or purple leather. Even better when I make it as a surprise for her. I have forever loved the smell and feel and it goes great with the wifes natural fauna.
Contributor: Anjulie Anjulie
I love leather...but i like silk as well
Contributor: Shellz31 Shellz31
I love the feel of velvet and cotton.
Contributor: kelaaa33wish kelaaa33wish
Depends on the outfit.
Contributor: GravyCakes GravyCakes
i LOVE lace
Contributor: krisvida krisvida
I really like cotton, but I love lace too
Contributor: dv8 dv8
What- no interest in burlap?
Contributor: AOutrajus AOutrajus
Contributor: Ms. Spice Ms. Spice
lace is my fav
Contributor: deletedacct deletedacct
can i pick more than one? leather, lace, latex
Contributor: Ansley Ansley
I like them all except for PVC and Vinyl. My skin can't breathe and I become quite irritated by it.
Contributor: sarki sarki
I like cotton
Contributor: daniel and frances daniel and frances
Originally posted by That Man from Mars
Just a bit curious if anyone has a preferred fabric when it comes to bedroom attire. What's yours, and why?

Personally, I love leather on me and lace on my beloved.
depends on the day
Contributor: butterflygirlxo butterflygirlxo
i like cotton (:
Contributor: indiglo indiglo
I actually like a variety of fabrics, depending on the piece. I have the most lace, probably satin after that, and probably cotton after that. For daily wear, definitely cotton, but for special occasions, lace and satin are more prevalent. I've never had leather bedroom attire, but it's definitely something I'd like to explore!
Contributor: Rossie Rossie
Satin and mesh for sexy attires, and cotton pjs to sleep in.

Lace is a big no-no for me because I have extremely sensitive skin - I'll be scratching all night!
Contributor: skunked skunked
I love leather/vinyl/pvc. also love lace. but my favourite is lamé !!!
Contributor: amandaco2011 amandaco2011
Cotton, its sexy and it breaths.
Contributor: SexyLilPixi SexyLilPixi
Lace, cotton, and satin.
Contributor: dezzydezire dezzydezire
silk and satin
Contributor: K101 K101
SILK! But heck, I'll wear anything that makes me look pretty.
Contributor: cheetahpita cheetahpita
lace, but satin as a close second