Ever used Slippery Kitty lube? Ever experienced intense pain from it? Any ideas why?

Ever used Slippery Kitty lube? Ever experienced intense pain from it? Any ideas why?

K101 K101
So, I'm not big on lube at all and prefer not to use it any, but I was trying this stupid, sticky lube called slippery kitty and I had a lot of deep pain all around my crotch. It burned unbelievably bad at first. I've had products that have caused burning like after shaving and all and I've actually even burned my own crotch using depillatories. But I've never in my life felt the stinging pain like I did both times I've used this Slippery Kitty stuff. I hate lube and even worse, I hate Slippery Kitty lube because it leaves the nastiest sticky and slimy feeling behind. I know most lubes do leave some kind of residue, but this stuff is just so bad you can't leave it on.

The first time, I used it for reviewing purposes. I don't like lube or usually need it, but a company asked me to review so I did. It burned! I mean I felt the insides of my crotch sting. It was unbearable. It wasn't anything like normal skin irritation, razor burn, etc. It actually felt as if my insides were on fire & I could feel it in the entire area of my crotch, even the area right below the belly button (sorry, I don't know the correct terms lol)

Anyways, It finally went away after a warm shower and then I experienced deep INTENSE pain in the muscle areas of my entire crotch! I've never felt anything like it. The only way I know to explain it is it feels a tiny bit similar to the pain during a miscarriage or endometriosis pain that except it's not as bad as miscarriage pains and not quite the same as endo pain.

Both times I used the lube this happened and the pain was not something I was able to ignore easily. It went away after several hours, but I'd like to know what it could be.

Has anyone else had similar symptoms? Could it be the lube? The lube says it's natural and water based and I am not sensitive at all. No allergies. The lube is not warming or anything like that. I'm just a little scared and definitely don't want to use it again!

Any ideas why it happened? Has anything like this happened to you?
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Alan & Michele Alan & Michele
It *could* be an allergy, but it sounds more like a sensitivity reaction, which can feel just as bad (or worse) but doesn't kick up your immune system. Either way, there is definitely some ingredient in the lube that doesn't play nicely with your body's chemistry, so stay away from it. I've had exactly the same thing happen to me before, and now I test every lube we get on a patch of my inner arm for a few hours before sticking it on my sensitive bits.
Selective Sensualist Selective Sensualist
You could have a glycerin or paraben sensitivity. (Slippery Kitty has both glycerin and methylparaben in it.) If you try a lube in the future, I'd recommend looking for a lube without those ingredients. Neither Sliquid Organics Gel nor Hathor Aphrodisia Pure have those ingredients, and I highly recommend either of them (though the Hathor is my very favorite).
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