Sex in the shower

Contributor: LLmama LLmama
I ordered this based on the very obvious name and also based on the rating, not reviews. I was NOT a fan of this product and it makes it very difficult to stay standing in the shower without falling on your ass. lol

Can anyone recommend a shower lube that stays slippery where I want it and not so much on the floor?
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
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Contributor: Jul!a Jul!a
Hmm. Maybe a hybrid lube? A lot of silicone lubes might have the same results. I've had good luck with the Bodyfluid from FunFactory in the shower, but I haven't ever been using a lot of it at one time. Oh! That's another thing I'd try; seeing if you can use only what you might need and adding more if you need it, to try and cut down on any excess being washed off and staying on the floor.
Contributor: Kindred Kindred
I would definitely try using less as a first option. With silicone or silicone hybrid lubes, you only need a little bit. Alternatively, you could try one that has a thicker than usual consistency such as Jack aide thick gel.
Contributor: El-Jaro El-Jaro
I just decided to get tub traction strips. I haven't had much luck with water based lube in the shower and silicone lube scares me in the shower (imagine falling and breaking your teeth).
Contributor: LLmama LLmama
Thanks for all the tips!

hehehe JR, funny you made that comment! When I was in 5th grade, I wore jelly shoes outside to play and slipped on the pavement, landing smack dap on my 2 front teethe Thankfully they were able to be fixed! I just thought it was funny you said that! lol