Alcohol pads to clean silicone?

Contributor: Falsepast Falsepast
Its a 100% silicone dildo. Is it safe to wipe it with mini alcohol pads?
I already washed it, but dont feel comfortable with it yet.
PS my parents are home so i cant boil it, i dont have a dishwasher or bleach.
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Contributor: wildorchid wildorchid
I know some people say rubbing alcohol is fine to use, but it is quite harsh and I personally have experienced an unbalanced ph of my vagina by using this method, even when rinsing. Not everyone is the same, so you might be fine. I wouldn't recommend it personally and harsh cleaners like alcohol also have the potential to cause minor imperfections in toys. This link (awesome blog) will tell you that alcohol should be used sparingly Sex Toy Care and Maintenance.

You can use vaginal wipes, there are anti bacterial brands, toy cleaning wipe and toy cleaner. Mild antibacterial soap and hot water as well. These should all be more than sufficient to clean your toys thoroughly. MILD soap is important! I actually use a PH balanced vaginal wash to be safe before I use my toys and an antibacterial soap and hot water after use. Obviously that may be a lot more work than you're looking for, but it's a suggestion and can be done in the shower.

The best part is, your toy is silicone, you only have to worry about surface bacteria. If you have washed it thoroughly with antibacterial soap and hot water, you really should be fine I hope that is helpful!
Contributor: Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
I've cleaned all my toys - including silicone with rubbing alcohol. It's a great disinfectant with no adverse results.
Contributor: Dangerous Lilly Dangerous Lilly
If this is the first time you're using it, you can use an alcohol wipe if you really want to. You can use a face wash wipe after that, and then rinse.

Beyond that? Unless you're sharing the item, there's really nothing to worry about. For me, nobody else is using my toys, just me. I do nothing but rinse them off in warm water and dry with a paper towel. I might do more if I were using toys anally, but since I don't, I don't worry. Silicone is non-porous but can still retain a wee bit of an odor if you use a butt toy a lot. Those are the ones I would seek out further cleaning of.

FYI on alcohol - fine for a swipe but don't soak it in it.