Ben wa balls

Contributor: Siren Siren
How can I use the ben wa balls?
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
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Contributor: EF Expert EF Expert
Originally posted by Siren
How can I use the ben wa balls?
You just insert them vaginally and go about your business. Your muscles work to keep them in and that strengthens and tightens the vagina.
We advice to wear them around the house to get used to them; if they feel uncomfy, like a tampon that's not sitting quite right, try giving them a little more of a push in.
They are supposed to feel really good.
Contributor: Lilith Desiderata Lilith Desiderata
Originally posted by Siren
How can I use the ben wa balls?
If they aren't connected (Smartballs, for instance, are connected with a flexible stem between) you might try slipping them into a condom before insterting, and knotting it at the bottom. This lets you muscles still get the exercise, but also makes removal a lot easier!
Contributor: Nashville Nashville
I'm going to send you to the EF blog for this one
Contributor: klyte klyte
They just strengthen your vaginal muscles, you hold them in with your Kegel muscles and try practicing every day with them.
Contributor: curiousnwilling curiousnwilling
Does the size (not the weight,but just the circumference) affect the kegel exercisers?