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Helpful topic info on Wand massagers:

Massagers-Best ones?
Which massagers do you like better? Theres a few different ones, Ive tried most, but still trying to figure out if some of them are worth buying. I...

HELP! Need a new wand!
My neighbors have been complaining about/curious about what the hell is going on in my room. I've been using the hitachi and I love it! But, sadly I..

Does the Fairy wand massager need voltage converter for Australia?
Does this: link have the same problems internationally that the Hitachi does? Also, is the Hitachi save to use in Australia with a voltage...

Olivanders Wand Shop
(spare me my nerd moment here)
What wand would choose you?

Mine Oak, 11 inches, dragon heart string.
Now that sounds like a sex toy!

Large kegel wand. But how?
Do you stick this entire thing inside of you?
Ganconagh Ganconagh
Yes. Hitachi. Nuff said.
Ayogirl230 Ayogirl230
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