Would you try electro toys??

Contributor: Thelovelysexxto1 Thelovelysexxto1
I always wanted to try electro toys but I am unsure about it.
Answers (public voting - your screen name will appear in the results):
I love it
Kinkykat8 , Leil@
I hate it
Never tried it or never again
Total votes: 3 (3 voters)
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Contributor: Soundside46 Soundside46
I have not tried any electro toys yet but we are considering giving them a shot.
Contributor: TryKarteHai TryKarteHai
What’s wrong, if anyone uses electro toys? I make regular use of sex toys and buy it online. Adult products online store are best if you want to have a vibrator or a masturbator. Online sex stores follow the privacy policy and provides products in very low price.
Contributor: Leil@ Leil@
Electro toys become more popular, and they are wonderful devices to literally add sparks to your sex life, of course, if using carefully. They provide unique sensations unlike any other toys do. There is a wide variety of e-stim products on the market - nipple clamps, penis rings, anal probes, vibrators, pads, which can be applied to any body part, etc. - all of these opens many ways for reaching out of this world pleasure. dance)
I think the e-stim play is worth to try!

For getting more knowledge about electro play I recommend to read Electro stimulation toys guide and Electro stimulation guide for beginners