Best dual bullets for lesbian couple?

Best dual bullets for lesbian couple?

Paradoxica Paradoxica
I'm looking at the following, but am interested on opinions on ANY double bullets.

Pocket Exotics Double Bullet link
Eden's Fantasy Passion bullets dual link
10x dual power bullets link
Colt Turbo Twin bullets link
Interactive Double-Bullet link

I have a very small, extremely powerful bullet that I got in a NYC toy store, which doesn't have a brand imprinted on it. It's, hands down, the most powerful little thing I've ever stumbled upon. But I can't replace it, because I don't know who makes it! I was looking for something comparable on Eden's sight, and found the Doc Johnson 10X, dual-power. Which piqued my interest in the double idea. I used to be a big Doc Johnson fan, but in the last few years I have found their quality to have plummeted, so I'm hesitant to buy their products. I tend to stick with brands that have impressed me, but I'm not familiar with most of the manufacturers of the above-mentioned toys. I know bullets are not known for durability, but would like something that holds up for a while.

I would like to try one with my girlfriend, but I'm wondering if it's worth it to go with the double, or just makes more sense to have 2 separate vibes? (I'm a toy expert, she is a beginner).

It seems to me that dual controller makes sense...with each person able to choose their own speed and/or pattern. But does that get too confusing in the heat of the moment? Does having both turned on reduce power for each? (Some rabbit vibes I have owned have had that problem).

It's also important that they are very hypoallergenic, as my gf has sensitive skin. I imagine most smooth plastics are fine, but not sure about something with more velvety texture. If anybody has had a reaction from a specific vibe, please share!
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