Best vibe for anal sex?

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What is the best vibrato for anal
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Informative topic breakdown of Anal Sex:

Man Alleges woman forced him to have anal sex with her so that she could "steal his sperm" and become pregnant.
link All right. This is probably the stupidest thing I've ever read and I can't believe that any judge/ lawyer would let him run with this in court....

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What would you all say is the best starter video... (not necessarily an instructional type... but it can be as well) for delicately introducing anal..

Can you orgasm from anal?
can a person orgasm from just anal sex or is there double penetration or clitoral stimulation involved as well?
Contributor: apryls apryls
Originally posted by NM
What is the best vibrato for anal
The best vibe for anal is determind on a number of things:
- size very important
- have you done this before
- do you want something flexible or hard and smooth
- how powerful do you want it and how many functions
Think about all these things before deciding on one and make sure you have a good lube and toy cleaner.