Contributor: Tester30 Tester30
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If you had to have 2 toys and 2 toys only, what would they be and why?
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Contributor: Leil@ Leil@
Originally posted by Tester30
If you had to have 2 toys and 2 toys only, what would they be and why?
It would definitely be a wand vibrator or a U-shaped vibrator (U-nique for example) since both are multifunctional and can please both partners. And the other one will be a realistic dildo with veined texture, nice realistic tip, and testicles.
Contributor: iovys iovys
2? Only 2? Man, you're making this difficult, but here we go.
My top 2 are the LELO Enigma & probably the VixSkin Goodfella. I love the Enigma beyond words - you can read my detailed review on it here if you'd like. I also reviewed the VixSkin Goodfella here.

- Enigma TL;DR: silicone, waterproof, immaculate clitoral sensation, godly rumbles from the vibration portion.
- VixSkin Goodfella TL;DR: silicone, dual density, nice n' squishy but also firm, the balls feel great against my asshole.

Enigma may be pricey but holy crap, it delivers. It really fucking delivers. I would honestly put all my VixSkin dildos in my top 2 if I could, but my orgasms are very, very difficult to get to... super elusive, so I need that clit stim from the Enigma (or Sila, linked below).... But I also need something nice n' squishy to... squish, you know. Aaaaaaa, they're really great but top two isn't enough! Top 5 at least! Lol

If it were top 5, I'd also add the LELO Sila, the EdenFantasys Maximus Wand, and VixSkin Johnny!
Contributor: wicked48 wicked48
Lelo Sona Cruise - I need clit stimulation to orgasm and the Sona Cruise has given me mind blowing orgasms every time! It's pricey but worth every penny!
Royal Adventure glass dildo - Love the swirled texture and the bulged head. The slight bend just happens to hit my g-spot perfectly. This was one of the first toys I bought many years ago and I still use it.
Contributor: Bunnybun Bunnybun
Originally posted by Tester30
If you had to have 2 toys and 2 toys only, what would they be and why?
It's a bit hard for me to say because I have a lot of toys that I enjoy and use all the time but have never made me orgasm because I'm anorgasmic and have an extremely hard time finishing, but I think I would have to go with...

The revitalize massage kit: it gave me my first ever orgasm after trying for 5 years, and so it's always my go-to. I really love the different heads it comes with, and its intensity is just right for me! It's also very small and discreet, so I can bring it with me easily when I see my partner.

The Wanderlove massage wand: It has gotten me reeeeeally close to orgasming, I think which is still really big, it's also very quiet, so I can use it all the time! It's the first massage wand I've ever used, so I'm still getting used to it a bit, but it's already pretty high on my "favorite toys list."
Contributor: Komitto Komitto
If I had to pick only two toys, I would pick Mister Twister and Sapphire Falls. Out of the small amount of toys that I have, so far, those two are my favorites. Though there are lots of other toys that I want to try and they will probably cause me to change my mind.

Mister Twister: The reason that I like this toy so much is that it's the first dildo that I got. It's made out of glass and has a really nice texture. If you'd like to see more of my thoughts on it, I made a review about it.

Sapphire Falls: I like this one a whole lot as well. It's made out of glass and has a beaded design. It feels really nice and practically messages your insides. Just like the last toy, I did a review on this one that can also be checked out.
Contributor: abee abee
I will live and die by the G-rumble. That thing opens a whole new door for me. For my second toy, I would probably go with the Big Boy, since it fits my favorite size criteria, has great vibrations which play really well with the G-rumble when used as clit stim, and is made of super comfortable soft silicone material while still being textured for interest.
A close third, though, since I haven't had the Bad Boy for very long, would be the Orgasm Enforcer, a classic vibe on the large side which has put in plenty of work getting me closer to ecstasy and deserves its day in the sun!
Contributor: ecovirtual ecovirtual
I'd definitely choose the Satisfyer Pro 2 and the French Kiss glass dildo.

Satisfyer Pro 2: Has delivered eye watering orgasms time and time again. It's my clit vibe of choice - whenever I'm using a different vibe and I feel myself getting closer to orgasm I'll tag in the Satisfyer to finish the job.

French Kiss: The hardness, the curve, the nubs and ridges... this dildo is a winner for sure and is usually my toy of choice to accompany clit stimulation.