Are glass toys the best?

Contributor: krystalmarie krystalmarie
i keep hearing that glass is the best, im sort of scared lol
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
Forum highlights on Glass dildo:

Glass vs. silicone?
I haven't used glass anally, how does glass compare to silicone, due to no flexibilty??

Ever had a glass toy chip or break?
I feel pretty confident in my glass toys but others aren't so much. So, has anyone ever had an experience where a glass toy chipped or broke? What...

Glass toys
What is all the hype about glass toys?

More glass butt plugs!!!
I am a huge fan of glass butt plugs and have purchased nearly every single one on edenfantasys. I wanted to make this post to encourage edenfantasys.

How many steel toys do you own?
I own two, but I'm very partial to glass. How many do you own?
Contributor: Cora Jane Cora Jane
I'm a huge fan of glass! I wouldn't say it's better than all other materials, but it's definitely worth trying at least once - you'll be surprised how good it feels.
Contributor: underHim underHim
Would not call it the best, but it is awesome in my opinion, and a personal favorite. They have some great deals on the eden friends deals right not 70% your choice of 1 of 3 different glass dildos, a great time to try!
Contributor: Beck Beck
If your scared go simple! There are three pieces right now that are 70% off. They are all beginner friendly. Pick one out and purchase it. They are as cheap as glass gets. Glass is really awesome for some and awful for others. The only way you will ever know is by trying it. Just do it! LOL

I love glass. I'm a glass addict. I have a collection of over 30 glass pieces. I feel in love with my first one.
Contributor: MissLoren MissLoren
The glass pieces are so pretty!