jack rabbit

Contributor: gs61 gs61
which jack rabbit would be best for my friend? original or waterproof
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
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bought one and second time i used it the insert sleeve ripped need replacement

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Definitely want this

The Jack Master
Is this up for sale now? Other than the popping open drawback, this isn't a bad toy. Actually, by just changing how you hold it, it works quite well.

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Contributor: Fallintomyweb Fallintomyweb
Originally posted by gs61
which jack rabbit would be best for my friend? original or waterproof
waterproof all the way - gonna make this short sweet and to the point . . .this is the first vibrator i EVER owned my fiance used it on me last night and all i have to say is if this sucker broke i would be online ordering the next one i could find. I really dont see the need for anyone to buy a 100$ vibrator this was deff 35$ WELL spent! ive had it for a while now and actually it didnt break on its own i broke it the little silver rotating balls must have plastic that drives it well i guess i have really strong kegel muscles. i cant wait to buy another.