Jopen Vanity Vr6 or Lelo Ina

Contributor: barrettbn2 barrettbn2
Which one preforms better?
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
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Contributor: Willis2011 Willis2011
I would suggest the jopen
Contributor: Pleasure Piratess Pleasure Piratess
I think they are pretty similar in terms of power and vibration strength, but the Jopen's clit stimulator is a little broader (more comfortable) and flexible than Inas.
Contributor: SamsDelight SamsDelight
Of everyone I have talked to the Jopen is better. It is on my next order so, fingers crossed.
Contributor: krisvida krisvida
Contributor: Shellz31 Shellz31
I don't have either but out of those, I'd go for the Lelo first!
Contributor: jankit jankit
Jopen - it's a little bit longer in the shaft and has other, better features!

Except for the color... I do like the green and orange offered by Lelo.
Contributor: Lithaewyn Lithaewyn
I'm surprised to see that everyone is going for the Jopen!

I wouldn't know though.
Contributor: indiglo indiglo
I think the main differences (beyond the shape/size/color differences) are that the Jopen has separate motors that can be controlled separately for the internal vibrations and the external vibrations. Lelo Ina does not have that feature, they cannot be controlled separately. The other thing I have noticed with my Ina is that there is a bit of a ridge where the plastic and silicone meet - which sometimes can become rather clogged with goo, so it needs a little extra attention when cleaning. Also remember that the Jopen is waterproof, while the Ina is splashproof.

I own the Ina not the Jopen, and I LOVE my Ina!! Just wanted to mention that these are the 2 main differences I have noticed... and I do think they're differences that are worth noting.
Contributor: Linga Linga
Sounds like the Jopen is awesome
Contributor: CuteDee CuteDee
They both look like alot of fun! Enjoy whichever one you pick!!
Contributor: newfoundlust newfoundlust
Originally posted by barrettbn2
Which one preforms better?
My wife votes Jopen over Lelo. We purchased a Lelo Elise about six months ago, and she enjoys it. However, we just got a Jopen Vr12 and she REALLY fell in love with it. Granted, they are different in design/function, but the Jopen is definitely more powerful, has two separate motors, and the curvature of the dong portion seems a bit more exquisite to her. Both are great, but we think the Jopen gets the nod.
Contributor: ichwillwaffels ichwillwaffels
Originally posted by barrettbn2
Which one preforms better?
Id go with jopen
Contributor: Pleasure gal Pleasure gal
Originally posted by indiglo
I think the main differences (beyond the shape/size/color differences) are that the Jopen has separate motors that can be controlled separately for the internal vibrations and the external vibrations. Lelo Ina does not have that feature, they cannot ... more
Although there are not separate controllers for the two motors in the ina you can scroll through to different vibes for the clit arm and the insertable part... VERY pleasurable!!! One review stated it was like being licked, I totally agree!! It's as close as a machines going to get to giving that sensation! LOVE IT!!
Contributor: Miss Anonymous Miss Anonymous

I own a few LELO items, Lelo has yet to let me down. I don't own any Jopen items, but they seem to be better quility. For the price they better be.
Contributor: DreamWolf DreamWolf
After researching it quite a lot I do say when I purchase my next vibes of the two brands they will be Jopen only until there are no more of them to buy but Lelo products!
Contributor: Lizzy Lizzy
Lelo all the way
Contributor: Sangsara Sangsara
i think that jopen performs better than lelo BUT you need to be very careful when choosing which one- I have the Vr6 and the clitoral arm though very strong is positioned in basically a useless place for my anatomy. The 4.5, 5.5, and 6.5 just came out and two of them have flexible clitoral arms I'm so excited I can't wait to use 30%on them!
Contributor: bdan bdan
Thanks for the poll I'm having the same problem choosing. I know the Ina has patterns and I'm a sucker for patterns.
Contributor: Girly Juice Girly Juice
As much as I love Lelo, I hear bad things about the Ina
Contributor: roskat roskat
I only have Jopen so I have to choose that one.
Contributor: travelnurse travelnurse
Jopen has better reviews and LELO tends to disappoint
Contributor: unfulfilled unfulfilled
I love my Jopen toys!
Contributor: pixylove101 pixylove101
Contributor: AHubbyof2SexualMinds AHubbyof2SexualMinds
I would guess the Jopen, I love Lelo, but the Vanity series gets great reviews.
Contributor: levellc09 levellc09
Jopen all the way!
Contributor: Glinteye Glinteye
Really hard to say!
Contributor: sugar&spikes sugar&spikes
Contributor: nosrslylol nosrslylol