Looking to be unplugged from the 'wahl'

Contributor: shoutitout87 shoutitout87
So I'm in need of some suggestions for a new vibe. My go-to for almost a year now has been the Wahl 2-Speed Massager. There is just something about it on the lower speed (high is too much for me) that provides instant orgasms. Unfortunately, I think it has spoiled me because I've tried a couple toys since that have yet to compete.

What I'm looking for is a toy with comparable vibrations to the Wahl on low that I don't have to plug into the wall. I realize the AC-powered vibes are typically stronger that battery-powered ones in general, but I'm hoping to find something close. I tend to wake up horny and I want a toy that I can just grab out of the nightstand and use rather than having to roll out of bed to plug it in.

Naturally, my first choice was the Wahl Mini, but when I bought it I couldn't even play with it because it was SOOOO loud I genuinely thought my parents would hear it two floors up. The front runner at the moment is the We Vibe Salsa. I know it's not carried on EF anymore, but I have seen it elsewhere so it's still an option for now.

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Contributor: Mwar Mwar

Everyone has a different sensitivity to vibrations, but you can usually increase sensitivity a bit by not using vibrators for a while. After a while when you introduce the vibrator, you'll usually find that a lower intensity will work. Again, there is a range. A person who uses massagers will probably not be happy with a tiny, 2 vroom toy a week later.

For suggestions: There's the mystic wand rechargeable if you want to stay with a massager. If you want a small vibrator, you might want to consider the we-vibe salsa or tango. Hope that helps!