Mini vibe advice?

Contributor: TheBadHobbit TheBadHobbit
My roommate let me borrow her new vibes to try them out (with condoms, of course). Unfortunately all of them were too wide for me to use comfortably. Maybe I just wasn't warmed up enough, or I wasn't using enough lube, or maybe it's just been waaay too many years since anything but my fingers have been 'twixt my legs, but whatever it is . . I just can't handle the girth. So now I'm not a whole lot closer to figuring out what to buy! I've found a few smaller vibes in the catalog, but which ONE should I get (if any)?

Here's the four I've tried already:

the free bullet from signing up for the newsletter was . . well, it was okay. I ended up inserting it (after powering past some painful tightness) and the vibrations were nice and all, but . . it just didn't rock my boat, internally or externally;

the Butterfly Kiss was the other toy I was able to insert, again after pushing through a little pain. I really didn't expect to have so much trouble with this one. Unfortunately the shaft was too short for the thrusting I wanted and the butterfly didn't really reach my clit, so I didn't get a whole lot out of this one either;

the Flexi Ribbed Lover was the one I was most looking forward to trying, but it was just too wide to insert (curses!) I did really enjoy squeezing it between my thighs, and the vibrations were nice, but mostly I ended up really really frustrated that I couldn't put such a yummy-looking toy to its full use;

the Opis was the one I was expecting to dislike, but one of its vibration settings is just exactly the right frequency to resonate with some of my tissues. It felt like my perianum was trying to explode! <3 Unfortunately this, too was just too wide to insert despite all my determination. I got some nice rubbing and squeezing out of it, but in the end I tossed it aside and tried to let my poor vagina recover.

- - So! From all this I've figured out that I need something in the 1" - 1 1/4" diameter range; that I like a little bit of squashiness (but not too much; an old girlfriend had a super-bendy jelly doubleheader that just did not appeal); and that while I like a little bit of vibration, the thrusting seems most important to me at the moment.

Oh, and I'd prefer not to go over $30.

The four that appeal to me so far:

the Mini Rabbit Vibro Wand might be good. It's got a pronounced head, but shouldn't be too wide for me to take, and the rabbit ears might work better than the butterfly did;

the Bendi G could be nice, I am fond of silicone for its cleanness (not sure how soft this one would be, though);

the Elements Theta is pretty unintimidating, and frankly I'd probably fiddle with it even when I'm not 'playing' just because it's such a neat shape;

Icicles #4 is absolutely beautiful, and I've been really really wanting to get into cold temperature play. Plus, that loop looks like it'd come in really handy for clumsy old me.

- - So, any comments? advice? Did I miss some super-awesome skinny toy that I just HAVE to have? Would I be better off getting a plain dildo instead of a vibe? Is one of the ones I found really horrible and should be crossed off my list? Help a gal out here :3
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
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does it have to stay plugged into the desktop. or does it charge and you can use it in other rooms

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Does this feel good? Looks kind of small.

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is this good ?

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What do you guys think of this mini clit vibe? It's cute. The metal loop and chain makes me think this can be used as a keychain. I kinda want to get.
Contributor: Redboxbaby Redboxbaby
If you don't necessarily need vibrations what would you think about the Tantus Silk small or the Tantus Silk medium? These have no texture and they are silicone (as well as on sale right now for under $30!), so insertion should be easier with a bit of lube.

You could use a clit vibe or a bullet to help with relaxation of your PC muscles, while penetrating with the dildo.

Let me know what you think, maybe I can help you find something else, if these don't do it for you.
Contributor: TheBadHobbit TheBadHobbit
Originally posted by Redboxbaby
If you don't necessarily need vibrations what would you think about the Tantus Silk small or the Tantus Silk medium? These have no texture and they are silicone (as well as on sale right now for under $30!), so insertion should be easier with a ... more
Ooooh, those do look really nice. Now I'm torn between the Silk small and the Icicles #4! I was hoping for something with a more pronounced head, but the more I think about it the more I think I should start as simple and easy as possible.

Thanks for your help . . it's kinda embarrassing to me that I'm so small AND such a wuss with what I can handle . . so it's hard for me to think rationally and pick what's best.

Now I'll have to mull over the Silk and the Icicles while waiting for the next paycheck to hit . . <3