My rabbits hate my bullet vibrator

Contributor: Hot 'N Sexy TexasMama Hot 'N Sexy TexasMama
I have to share a funny story from earlier today. I thought I'd put it here since it has to do with vibrators.

I used to breed rabbits and I have some rabbits that live in my living room near my desk (in cages). I also have two young holland lop bucks that live in my bedroom in cages.

Today I received a lingerie item I'd ordered online and the G-string panties had a pocket in them.

Hubby and I felt so cool - we figured out it MUST be for a vibrator -so I put in the bullet and hubby asked me to try wearing it around the house to see what I thought of that.

So I go out to the living room to sit at my desk - and after about 5 minutes my flemish giant buck (about 12 pounds or so) - starts thumping with his back foot. He waits about 30 seconds and thumps again. He waits another 30-45 seconds and thumps again.

Now for those who don't know - rabbits will thump to communicate several things - one is danger - another one is the desire to breed. They will thump in response to each other also. So here he is - thumping up a storm (until I finally turn off the vibrator when he settles down).

I go into the bedroom with the bullet on again (its normally under the covers when we're using it) and now one of my little Holland Lop bucks starts thumping up a storm.

I finally had to take it out and decide to use it under the covers only.

We were laughing about it and my husband said, "its too bad we can't get a vibrator for you that would act as a 'no-bark collar' for puppy...that would be worth having you wear all day!"

I hope you find the story as funny as I do.
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
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That is funny. Thanks for sharing the laugh.
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Haha that is cute!
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That's adorable. XD Thanks for sharing!