Powerful/Mind Blowing Clitoral vibrators

Powerful/Mind Blowing Clitoral vibrators

snook1136 snook1136
Can someone tell us which Rabbit/Clitoral stimulator has the strongest vibration? Looking for one with more vibration than a Decadent Indulgence III.
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Darling Jen Darling Jen
Anything that requires AV power (aka a wall outlet) for power is going to have the strongest, most mind blowing vibrational power. Rechargeables are second to corded toys and still pretty powerful. I suggest you go to the vibrator page, click "Refine By" at the top of the menu on the left, and scroll down to select "Powered By".

Power Source

These will generally be your strongest possible toys, though there are a few that take batteries that are powerful too. But at the top of the list are external "wand" massagers like the Hitachi or Fairy.

If you want to include ones that take batteries and specifically look for the strongest of them, just refine more by looking for toys with "Vrooms" of at least 4 or 5.
Tuesday Tuesday
The Magic Wand is the strongest clitoral vibrator. Actually the Fairy Wand can vibrate more strongly, but the Magic Wand's vibrations are deeper so they feel better.

As for rabbits, I recommend the Vr6. Its super strong.
looking4funinwv looking4funinwv
I like rabbit fur
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