sex dolls?

komona komona
Sophia Rossi love doll
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I've never used a sex doll. Are they fun? Should I get one?
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Nazaress Nazaress
I'd say that most people agree that sex dolls of this nature are mostly for gag gifts. The entries are often made of plastic that have sharp edges and they would hurt to use. There ARE some sex dolls that are fancier and not made of plastic but they cost thousands of dollars.

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Ghost Ghost
More fun than having your foot run over.
roxy909 roxy909
Originally posted by komona
I've never used a sex doll. Are they fun? Should I get one?
seening my hubby with this made me say eww but hey he liked it
tony tony
I'd rather watch porn by myself
Gio Gio
You can try it for the experience and fill the curiosity on your mind. I recommend to try and visit this best sex dolls I've found.
Apr 16, 11:19 am
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