The Beads

The Beads

Jessica Kay Jessica Kay
iVibe rabbit waterproof review
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Are the beads in this toy good for any simulation? I have another rabbit and the beads in that toy are useless.
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GingerAnn GingerAnn
Useful topic breakdown on Anal beads:

Beadwork and Jewlery!
Hey guys, so aside from the sexy stuff, I have a blog devoted to my bead work. Most of it has been geeky, but there are quiet a few geeky people on...

Anal Beads
Are they worth getting? The only use I can think of would be a sort of foreplay to dildos or vibrators.

Anal Beads?
Will Eden Fantasys ever carry Luxotiq anal beads?

Luna beads vs. SmartBalls for better Kegels?
I have a pair of SmartBalls that I have been using for a few years now, which have worked fantastically for keeping my PC muscles tight. But I have..

Luna Pleasure bead worn without casing?
Can these beads be worn freely? Without the white casing?
edeneve edeneve
you may find your answer in the reviews for it. looks like there are several.
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