Tongue tickler – clitoral vibrator

Contributor: Mlee Mlee
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
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Contributor: Nicky Nicky
I just received and reviewed this product, and I personally liked it. It works best as a clitoral stimulator for me, though you can also use it to stimulate the vaginal opening and clit at the same time. It's best used as a foreplay toy, as it doesn't have the power to provide an orgasm.
Contributor: meganthomas meganthomas
I personally wouldn't want it. There are other toys that could provide similar sensations that are most aesthetically appealing. I just really don't like how it looks.
Contributor: catalunalilith catalunalilith
looks kinda creepy to me... i have no clue how it would feel, but i'm not sure i want to find out
Contributor: samanthalynn samanthalynn
looks creepy